Please answer.Guys my account number changed on new phone, is it ok?

Hi guys I just change my phone and login with new one all thing is correct but my account number changed on new phone.
Is it ok ?
Please answer. Thankks

Do you have your old account?

If yes, no problems.

Yes I have my data info

Just my account number change

Guess you answered your question then.

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Don’t panic, I have had a number of different account numbers over the years. As long as your data is stored on your play account everything should be flawless.

Ребята Добрый день , не нашел как создать тему , поэтому пишу здесь . Суть проблемы такого, играю в игру 4 года , сначала на яблоке , после перенес на андроид , вроде все нормально , вчера сунулся и нажал в настройках игры кнопку войти в play игры и игра началась с нуля , весь прогресс слетел! Сразу скажу Гугл аккаунт не менялся , с самого начала переноса на андроид один и тот же

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Courtesy Google translate

Guys Good afternoon, I did not find how to create a topic, so I am writing here. The essence of the problem is this, I have been playing the game for 4 years, first on an apple, then I transferred it to the android, everything seems to be fine, yesterday I stuck my head in and pressed the button to enter the play game in the game settings and the game started from scratch, all progress flew away! I must say right away that Google account has not changed, from the very beginning of the transfer to android the same


I’ve flagged your post to get the mod’s attention so Maydie can get help reaching support.

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Vítejte v fourm.
Nejlepším řešením je kontaktovat podporu. Tady je jak.

I hope that’s cezch launage if not lettuce know :slight_smile:

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