Please analyze my heroes/team - Comments appreciated


Whats your take on my heroes?

Which one to upgrade?
Which one to get rid of?
Which one to use in defense team?
Which one to use to raid?
Which one to use on titans?
Should I wait for better heros in some of the colors?

Which heroes should I upgrade to replace to 5 heroes I already got on the top line.

Whats your ideas?

Some of the problems with my team as I see it is that a lot of the “best” heros are “slow” in producing mana. Justice, Quintus and Azlar are all slow. Athena and Kashrek are average. That causes a lot of problems in raids…


Lianna is the best green hero in the game right now, I would level her, even ascended once at level 60, she would be a great addition to your team. I don’t like leonidas, but I would use him or Chao over Justice.

Kashrek is… not all that useful period.

I would level Ares and replace Azlar.


At least you don’t also have Hel. You lucky bugger :stuck_out_tongue:


IMO Ares is a must as your raid Tank. Guys a killer if your opponent has no debuff


What would you choose if you missed Ares as HOTM? What would be your second choice? :slight_smile:


If we were talking fire element only, then probably boldtusk for me!! :slight_smile: