Please add the Ukrainian language


Dear developers,
Would you be so kind to add Ukrainian language to the game? There are lots of Ukrainian players and it’s really important to us to have a possibility to communicate in our native language in the general chat. Also, it would be much easier for Ukrainians alliances to recruit new players. The game is really enjoyable for us but missing native language is such a minus. We have a huge Ukrainian community but we’re all forced to communicate via messengers because using different languages in the game chats is a violation according to your Code of Conduct.

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good topic! I’ve been waiting for Ukrainian language too. Not being free to communicate in your own language is frustrating and I’m pretty sure many players feel same way. Most of us chat in Russian chats and every time I see Ukrainian players recruiting in there it causes conflicts. Would be really great to have our own chats. And also our own flag in alliance settings :slight_smile:


Great idea!!! Having Ukranian language as UI will be great!!


It will be great! Waiting ukrainian language so much!


Yes, it would be great!!


Excellent idea!
I want fight under Ukrainian flag! )


It would be wonderful! Ukrainian flag in Alliance, Ukrainian chat and Ukrainian interface. Thank you.


Yes, please add our native language. Thanks in advance.


It’s very important good idea! It will help to increase the number Ukranian donateres and new players!!!


I love Ukraine and the Ukrainian language, and also I like a game very well, I want it to be united


It’ll be great. I can help with translation


Good idea!
Please, do add Ukrainian language!


Please add ukrainian flag in game, its easy.
I understand that adding additional language its hard work. But its possible with our help.

But flag, add flag its easy


It’s a good idea!
Everyone who live in Ukraine want this


Усе наше українське суспільство цієї гри (а нас не мало!) підтримає цю ідею! Будь ласка, почуйте нас!
Кому цікаво, українці, приєднуйтесь до нас Будемо ради бачити усіх щирих українців.


Dear developers and creators of the game. Me and many of my friends from Alliance really love your game. Our Alliance consists of Ukrainians and we suffer because our rights to communicate in our mother language is broken. Probably you are not aware that Ukraine has our own national language and it is not Russian. Of cause we can speak Russian as you can speak Swedish but those languages are not our native. Hope for your


And add Ukrainian coat of arms Trezubets, this is very important for our people


Dear developers! add the Ukrainian language to the game, please. we need it


I moved a vote here for you guys, even though I don’t know Ukrainian. I’m sure it’s frustrating :slight_smile: so many issues need attention! Hopefully they visit the Ideas & Feature Requests section often.


thanks for your vote, we really appreciate this :slight_smile: