Please add new hero witch season 1

please add to the season 1 witch hero. I apologize beforehand. If we pay attention to the hero season 1 only has 1 hero witch Quintus, while the others have the same emblem. example:
-Vivica = Elkanen
-Kadilen = Horghail
-Elenna = Magni
-Domitia = Marjanna
-Obakan = Azlar
-Isarnia = Sartana
-Lianna = Khagan
-Richard = Thorne = Justice.
My suggestion is to ask for the Justice emblem to be the same as Quintus.
Thank you for your attention.

If you are suggesting to convert the class of Justice from paladin to sorcerer, that boat has long ago sailed. Though I agree that there are minimal heroes of the sorcerer class from season 1 (on the top of my head: Quintus, Sabina & Jahangir), it is but a fat chance for SG to add a new hero for the first season as they are more inclined adding new heroes to new seasons/events.


Yes. But not buffing back those already nerfed ones. Sg goes on creating power creap. But not looking back what they did earlier. And talking about balancing and life improvement statement. :joy:.

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When you say “witch,” do you mean wizard or sorcerer class?

And it does suck a bit. The best chance might be costumes, but even then, I think there’s not a lot of them that help in filling the roles of wizard or sorcerer for trials.

There is another 4* sorcerer in S1 but also unexciting: Skittleskull.

Neither of these are worth emblems sadly. Which makes sorcerer emblems close to useless to a F2P unless he is lucky enough to pull a good sorcerer along the way (like Uraeus or Ursena or even the new one Lepiota). I emblemed my Sabina to 19 to increase her durability, but I don’t think it matters that much since she has bad defense as it is and emblems only brought her to 721, which is pathetic for a healer.

Both Sabina and Skittleskull have very good attack and tile damage however, so if one needs a good classic S1 purple or green high tile damage hero vs titans, then it’s probably a good idea to emblem these on the attack path.

S1 can use even more different types of heroes: Elemental down heroes at the 3* and 4* slots (which are essential as the game progress, so they should be more available, even as puny 3*, I mean - who needs Prisca?), Yellow 4* healer (every color has one 4* healer, some even two, but the color of light has zero???), Purple fast sniper at the 4* slot (every color has one, red has two, and purple…), etc, etc. But IMO SG will never do this. They are much more interested in making money, and if they introduce good changes to the S1 heroes, less and less people will be inclined to spend enormous amounts of cash for pulls from certain portals because S1 lacks key heroes…


-Joon = Leonidas

will be complete 10 class

I agree that SG should add more S1 heroes. They will do it if they want more F2P player. But I think they don’t want more for now. There are already a lot of F2P player in this game.

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There won’t be any new Season 1 heroes because Season 1 is long gone. We’re on Season 4 now, which means we won’t have any more new Season 2 or Season 3 heroes either. That’s how seasons work, that’s how time works.

What we will get is (probably) new S4 heroes, new event heroes, and the HOTMs. And, for some reason ($$$), costumes for already overpowered S2 and S3 heroes.


@Chodaboy @Khan I actually used to play a game that now it is closed. It is is closed about 2-3 years ago and I can’t remember its name. I didn’t play it much but I still tracked its news until it is closed. The main reason that make it closed is that there is too few F2P player. They do add more powerful item to keep game alive but most player that can get them are P2P. Because of the different of F2P and P2P player is too big. They start lose many F2P player. At some point, there are only mostly P2P player left. Then P2P players start left the game because their money doesn’t make they special anymore. When too many P2P players left the game, it force the game to close. However, this very unlikely to happen to E&P. I agree with you that they will not add more S1 heroes as long as there is enough F2P player. But I want to say that F2P player is still important for the game.

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Yes, the problem start when the different between F2P and P2P player is too big. The game that live very long is the game that deal with this different better than the other.

Yes, in aspect of P2P player… but the P2P player is exist only for the game company to suck money from them in aspect of the developer :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, HA 10 and Atlantis Rising isn’t enough for F2P to get non S1 5*. They have too small effect to reduce the different between F2P and P2P player.

Yes, that is why I think it is very unlikely that SG will need more F2P.

Yes, “Let the different between F2P and P2P player get larger and larger until it is too large. Then reset it by close the game and create new one.” I think it is the cheapest and most effective way to deal with “different between F2P and P2P player” problem for the game company.

We won’t get hero season 4 from TC20 right? What I mean here is why only the witch class only has 1 hero season 1? Meanwhile, even if a season 1 hero can be transformed into a witch class through costumes, it still takes another emblem to fill in the talent grid. I think there are many here who have witch emblems that they can’t use. Meanwhile, to get a hero event or other hero season requires very, very big and more lucky.

Yups i was forget to write Joon and Leonidas.thank for write it.

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