Please, add more ways to spend food

Right now I try to spend my food simply by re-rolling the raid menu. I lack the ingridiends for crafting I cannot spend enough food for training (4 training camps constantly active), and I upgraded all buildings I could with food.
Now it keeps piling up with no way to spend it except re-rolling.

Troops eat a lot of food when you level them up.
Food can be stored in TC20 and withdrawn later.


I would store them in tc11 tbh. Easier to withdraw smaller amounts at a time.

Provided you have recruits.

And I agree with the food. I always have too much too. Cant farm recruits fast enough to get rid of it.

Only with buying world energy there are enough recruits to store food in TC’s.

Depends on where you farm. 8-7 drops a lot of recruits.

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12-9 gives me 10+ recruits every time

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Anja, I have read your posts over the months, and this may be the first time I strongly disagree with you; never use tc20 as a bank for food/recruits.

I see tc20 as a potential source of 5* for the majority. Should it drop a legendary hero, then the tc20 loses 2 days or gems or resources if player needs tc19 for feeder production.

The best choice for banking is either tc12 or tc13. Use the former if the possibility of training a 4* is not a game changer as it can be to f2p. Of course, if you need 4*, then tc13 is it.

TC20 is actually a very good way to store food for later. The trick is that you never, ever, actually stop training that last hero if you decide you need that food. As long as that one final training continues, you never lose resources by taking food and recruits out of the training camp.
Currently I run one TC20 for 5* training and food storage. I use two TC11 for longterm feeder production, and the last camp I train with whatever my resources allow - 1, 2, 19, or 11 depending.
At this point I already have more 5* heroes than I can easily level so I consider food storage the important feature of TC20, but if I was still actively trying to make more, I’d make one of the TC11s back into TC20.


As someone with 3x tc20, 1x tc11, continuesly waiting for skip timer to farm more, maxed farms, maxed tower, maxed foid storage, continuosly crafting, and maxed mines I can confirm, I can’t burn all the food I produce. If i ascend a 5* tier 4, i can’t even empty out all my farms.

To swap around recruits between tc i need to reroll 150 -200 raids to free up food storage so i am actually able to swap it around.

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I’ve been banking food into TC20 as well, and training troops as I get them. Between crafting, troops, and TC20 I haven’t had to waste food yet.


well, dear, it depends on why you wish to store the food

TC11 is my bank for recruits. plus it produces a reliable stream of feeders at very low cost

When I am expecting … going for … a hero that I wish to level up quickly - and I know that this hero will require lots of food - then I prepare by banking surplus food in TC 20. (and starting to run one TC2 without ever withdrawing any feeders. just let them pile up, and add to the production line when you can)

when making a withdrawal, you must have room for BOTH recruits AND food. or you will lose BOTH.
Thus, immediately shift the freed recruits into your TC11 bank.

… . Honor where honor is due:
the advice for banking food this way comes from @Xero786 It works like a charm. thank you! …

Ok, when banking food like this, the TC20 will produce the occasional hero. But if you have too much food anyway, who cares? Might even get something good :blush:


If I take one training session out of tc20, it should throw 297k hams and 100 recruits back to storage. So 50 tc11 training sessions cover 100 recruits, and 50k hams drawn out of storage which means doing that 10x maxs ham storage if the storage had been empty.

The trade off is in whether player runs 3x tc11 and one tc20, or 2x with the third converted to a tc12. As I max a 5 monthly (always have a 4 working), I will count the third tc11 I convert as having been a source of 500 feeders. The tc19 which is fed from my tc12 produces at a better rate for me w/o having to spend time moving stuff about.

Respect to Zero, but I thought he pointed out how important tc19 was. That is my memory, so I will search out his vid.


Rofl I have no problem waiting 2 days while hoarding ham (I still need around 100 million to feed all troops I have) or feeding hundreds heroes I have ready in tc11. Just be patient lol or pay the price.

Ahahahah, nope.
If you exceed food then… you’re doing something wrong.

Training, level up, craft items, levelling troops, upgrade mines or watchtower…
There’s always something to do.

For example i do 1000+ small potions, if there’s nothing else in that moment.

Why would you do that? Just run one tc20 as food storage and one tc11 as recruit storage. You have 2 more where you can train whatever you want. And those two are candidates for switching to tc19 or tc1/2/…

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It is running a tc20 vs a tc12 which my p2p ways have me using or a tc13 which f2p should find more to their liking.

Running a tc20 with only one training session running is optimal only as a way to gamble on training a5*. I am doing exactly that as Avalon draws near. Usually it is the odd bins for burning off swords and kits.

Running tc11 is where the problem starts: base, farming and raiding generate too many hams in proportion to recruits. I could craft far more items than I am likely to ever use, or I can bank them more efficiently than tc 11 while still able to keep tc11 running.

Need coffee

Not really, especially before you brought your TCs to level 19 and Forge to level 20. Lower level potions don’t take much food and you run out of ingredients much earlier than short of food. All the same about leveling troops: you run out of low level troops faster than that of ham. And so about training heroes: if you use TC11 you have a long queue of trainings but feeding them doesn’t take all the food your farms produce (even not maxed farms).

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