Please add feature to sell or get rid of 1* unit

As per the title, I kept getting those from stage and now I am training my 5* and each unit I feed will cost me over 10k food. I am not gonna feed those 1* unit to my 5* for a mere 180 exp for 10k food.
So please add feature to sell or even trash those 1* unit, they are flooding my inventory. Or just add a way to decline new unit after clearing stages.
If you are suggesting to feed them away to the other 1* to clear up space, lets say why do we have to pay for getting rid of something we dont use. I didnt even train them up and they keep coming from stage.

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The problem here is not the game, it is you. You have 5* heroes but not enough food? How is this even possible? What the heck have you been building? Obviously not farms.

I have no sympathy. Fix your dumb city.

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I actually look for ways to waste food in the game; I have 7 farms each at lvl 9. Do you need more food?

Even 1* heroes cause your other heroes to lvl up (mind you I’m speaking from 3*/4* here)…Is the cost to feed 5* that high?

Only if you have failed to build any farms, because apparently you hate all farmers.

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Look, if leveling is the only thing you need those food for then I agree you have plenty. I need about 500k food every 2 days for training Elite unit in case I got lucky with more 4*, I could even make 3 of those if I can save up on a few things here and there.

Anyway, isnt this a place for you to suggest something that will help with your gaming experience?
Its not like I specifically farm for those 1*, still they kept dropping in stage and there is nothing we can do to stop that so why not give us an option to sell them away. I wouldnt mind these little details if there is no inventory space limit but thats not the case here.

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I’m not saying that yours is the worst idea in the world, but at its core your problem is that you don’t have enough food. If you were to build and upgrade your farms then that problem would go away, so your proposed solution would be unnecessary.


You can feed them to your other low level characters. It’s a cheaper way to ‘get rid of them’ and then feed the partially leveled character that’s now level 6 or 7 to your main team. It’s a way to recoup some of the loss.

Realistically, if you’re not hurting for food, you’re not playing the game very actively, or correctly.