Please add checkboxes to participate in the war on limited days

I want the checkboxes to participate in the war to be further subdivided.

“Participate in all wars”
“Participate only in the war on Sunday”
“Participate only in the war on Wednesday”

There are people in my alliance who would be greatly helped if this specification were available.

This is a solid idea.
The people who are impacted by this would love this set up. My guess is that’s less than 10% of people though. Perhaps it has a larger effect if you count that it affects the whole alliance.

It’s not the biggest QoL change I’m looking for but those that are more time constrained will probably be more vocal than I.

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I support this (I think I am out of “official votes” though).

My alliance has members who sometimes opt in, and maybe forget to opt out in time for the next one… it’s actually a fairly tight window between wars, so it’s easy to forget to check or uncheck that box in time.


Good idea will pass it on :+1:

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I think that’s a bit much…devs should fix so many aspects of this game which are a lot more important than this, like the alliance chat, the hero roster navigation, the mystic vision only being available if I sign out and back in and many others. Further enhancing the war box would be somewhere near the bottom of the list…

Sorry, but I want to know the people I’m going to be fighting with beforehand.

That’s a great idea :slightly_smiling_face:

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