Pleas help!

Hello, I bought jams, not only did they come so and also removed from the card for 3 similar purchases, which I did not make !!!



I think what the person is saying is;

I had recently purchased gems, however when I look at my credit card statement, I see 3 additional transactions from E&P. I only made 1 purchase. How do I go about clearing this up?

Lets start with the gem purchase amount? Whatd you buy, and what did you get?

Some cards reserve funds, more than the origional purchase, and will be removed after a few business days.

I went through the same thing my last purchases. 2 charges of $21.09. Took a few days before 21.09 was put back on my card.

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The fact is that I bought a set of gems (4800), then I wanted to repeat the purchase, but they wrote to me that they already had this set! I thought it was a bug, and clicked again to buy, but they wrote me again that you already had this package ! All this without confirming whether I want to buy or not! then I decided to try a smaller set, and then I saw the inscription “that the payment was sent out” means that there is no money on the card, but the crystals did not come

So you got 4800. N that’s it, correct?

Yes,but on a bank card, they took another 2 identical sets, and one small!

Youll need to open up a support ticket, then go to your play store and dispute charges.

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