Playing with little amount of money

This game is fun and I in joy playing the game but win you can’t items to keep going and you got to wait and takes a while to have any point to play again just wish it would move fasters and I have spent like 200.00 cash so far and 3 days later like today I have to wait for it to recover so I can play again or spend more money… I’m a single full time dad I can’t afford to keep spending money


Huh? You can be patient and just build up your building and ham and iron… It takes a LONG time… But money doesn’t need to be spent… But… If you did spend a few bucks… Maybe just buy vip and path of valor once you get to a level where you find the value is there.


Ya that’s what I have been doing now… thank you for answering me back it just so hard not to spend the money to pay go on and not wait but you’re right…thank you


Your best bets are the VIP and the PoV if you want to spend a smaller amount. The $ is lower and you get way more. Just avoid all other deals.


Eventually all the buildings are done and you just are flush with iron… This game really is a marathon… If you spend money and buy pulls to do heroes, you’ll find quickly you are out of 4* ascension materials… If you spend on ascension materials… You’ll realize you need limit break balls… And emblems… And more ham…

Just… Find an alliance you can play with who don’t mind you slow leveling… And take the items from the titans and build a stash…


This is not a game you can binge. I mean, you can shuffle your buildings around all day but to progress in maps and quest takes energy (time). This is a marathon mind you. I suggest occupying yourself in other games in the mean time or check yourself in into a good alliance that can help you and more importantly guide you in how to best make your $$$ go as far as possible


R u in an aliance? Initially i wanted to go it alone… But 3 days in i decided to hit titans and join an alliance. Took me a while to really understand the game… When to use epic hero tokens, why going monochromatic initially isn’t the worst idea… Stuff like that.

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Thank you I will give that a try

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First of all, welcome to the forum! Stick to what @2puttshaqur said. You don’t have to pay for the game. If you want to pay, don’t spend more than you can really afford. In any case, you need a lot of patience. Happy gaming!


Managing expectations is super important in this game too. For those who don’t spend, it’s critical to understand that we probably cannot compete at the top - maybe top 10000 is realistic but not top 100. And that’s fine, it can still be fun at lower levels. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Ditto with sleepy said. There are peeps who… If you do the math, will spend $10,000 in a weekend… So don’t try and compete with those guys… Because that is a losing battle… But… With a lil luck… Some strategy… And board luck… Any team can be beat by any level of player… Even free to play.


It takes time getting used to the “rhythm” of the game and developing your play style. But I absolutely recommend to embrace the limit on everything in the game - even something as World Energy. It helps one to not spend all their time in the game too. If you are a single full time dad - I can imagine that the time you have to play is also very limited. :mantelpiece_clock:

The game is like it is, to nudge you into spending. A lot.All the time, and every day. :money_with_wings:

It´s a Pay2Gamble game as well which is good to keep in mind. This game is also a game, that never ends. Those things are so important to be aware of. It has no finishing line. The only thing that can come close to resemble a finishing line keeps moving, every day, in this game. :goal_net: It´s impossible to catch up with.

Many PC games have a monthly subscription, some around $12. Filled with immersing quests, intriguing gameplay, epic music soundtrack to accompany you on the journey, less repetitive content, rich lore. All of that. Empires & Puzzles is not such a game. I´m not saying it´s a bad game. It´s just not a game, that can justity it costing so much to ‘keep up’ and get the most out of it.

Treat it like it is; a 3-match repetitive game. :slight_smile:

It takes a strong soul to avoid giving into the temptation to spend. I admire that you´ve made this post, because that means, you can be that strong soul. :muscle: Treat the game casually. Log in, every now and again, spend some World Energy, do a bit of Raids, build your base, level your heroes here and there. Win some, lose some. Set a budget, most importantly. It´s just not worth it.

Oh, and, have fun, of course! :four_leaf_clover: :blush:


Empires and Patience.

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The way i spend money is… If the game gives me an event hero that is decent (not useless like salmon loki), then I’ll kick in $10 into the game. Only after… Never before… Keeps me at a give and take i can live with.


The “summoning extravaganza” isn’t horrible for low spenders — you get 4 pulls in basically everything for the month, possibly quelling the desire to pay for more pulls there.

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Actually !! Don’t!!! Not a penny!

Just delete the game and take your kid on a holiday…. Or even to the local park or beach or somewhere away from the madding crowd :green_heart: find a waterfall or a rose garden :green_heart::turtle:

And enjoy xx

That’s what I’m gonna do :green_heart:



The only thing to spend on. Best value in the game yearly
Second best monthly.
Save your ett for wizard tower
Save your eht for winter.
Only due 10 pulls on challenge portals no S1
Build your empire evenly focus on tower
Use loot tickets only on AR
Build from bottom up. You will get more flexibility and value with maxed 4* throughout your game experience.

Don’t spend don’t chase build from the bottom up …
The game is a marathon not a sprint

Have fun … if you aren’t you aren’t doing it right

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Is this a goodbye post or just a no spend post?!?!


You are just smart pants @Draerius

@Dudeious.Maximus could you please please pleaseeee give @Draerius his (??hers) well-deserved ‘smart-pants’ badge?

Or maybe I should become a moderator and grant some well-deserved badges

The true answer is

It will be a ‘goodbye’ post at some point! But I am not ready to say that yet! Getting closer every day :green_heart::turtle:

I think I was a happier player when I had my cyprian as my tank (as opposed to xnolphod!)


I am happier now playing in same alliance as kiddos, we do almost daily friendly battles and they love cheshire cat and g. chameleon battling them.

Playing at a high level doesn’t really give you anything, maybe a few more emblems, mats, aethers? I don’t need mats cause I don’t have new heroes needing them! I estimate about 12 new 5* a year is a good healthy number between needing to ascend, emblem, and limit break… although you don’t get the color and class diversity needed so makes it a bit harder :slight_smile: .

If you are leaving then best of luck, to me the game is expanding my relationship with kiddos, IF it becomes a hinderance then it is time to go.