Playing on Computer


Hi friendly forum folks!

I have recently started playing on my chromebook and although I like the larger screen, I don’t use it in titan fights or challenging raids because the mouse is just too slow. Does anyone else play on their computer? Is there an app or a program I could use that would allow for faster play?

Look forward to your advice, thanks in advance!

-Peter Dykeman Campbell


There are those who do so using bluestacks emulator or similar:

PC version of the game?


I have to say, bluestacks runs the game pretty slowly on my computer. I’m thankful it’s only my alt account! I mostly use it to go into the game chats.


You need a sturdy computer with GPU to make Bluestacks work properly.


I don’t know if it’s possible in Chromebooks, but maybe you could change the speed/acceleration of the mouse so that it moves faster.


Thanks for all the advice!


Up the resources available to the VM too.