Playing multiple accounts at the same time

I have 2 accounts and play on multiple Android devices. My issue is I can’t figure out how to play both accounts st the same time on different devices. I want to be able to do this to farm both accounts at the same time but everytime I log into another device it loads the current session and kicks me out of whatever device I am using. Anyone know how I can play each account on a separate device simultaneously?

I play 3 accounts simultaneously on my PC, using NOX android simulator. I open 3 clients on the same screen and play with my mouse.

Obviously, i have 3 google play accounts (one for each EP account).

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I think if you are logged into different accounts on difference devices then you should not be clicked.
Are you logged into the same google account on different devices ?

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I am trying to log on to different accounts but when I start the game, Google play overrides whichever the last stage was. Even of i log out of an account and open game on a different device the first device boots me. I can never have both devices running at the same time.

That’s because you’re logged into the same account on both devices. If you click OK on the logout message the game gives you then it will try to load the game again and kick you off the other device. So you should be doing it like this.

Login to Device 1, that will load account 1.
Go to Options > Gear Icon and choose the google account associated with account 2.
After account 2 is done loading up, you can load account 1 on Device 2.

Tried this and it still kicks me out. Both my devices have Google play games on them and I have tried unistalling it but whenever I try and load account 2 on device 2 it kicks me out on device 1 and switches it to account 2.

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