Playing in China?

I’m going to be in China for 2 weeks and am pretty sure that the game isn’t accessible there. Can anyone confirm or deny that for me, please?

you can play the game in china. my leader was working in china for these past…7…8(?) months during her playing this game and she still can play it wo a hitch besides the usual glitch sg has.

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The real question is why would you ever bring your personal device with all your info on it to china?? There’s zero laws protecting you and your data will be up for grabs. just rent a phone while you’re there.

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Meera: Thanks that is great news!

Dante: I think you know me well enough that I can be trusted to make poor decisions

It’s not just China - I don’t trust my own government not to try and steal my data when coming back INTO the US. I’d get a temp or rent one locally if I traveled internationally.

you’re very welcome.

I’m planning on taking a burner and leaving it unactivated until I get there and then load my account via VPN.

I’m a player from China.I’m quite sure you can play E&P in China without VPN. But you can’t visit the PlayStore without VPN.