Playing game across platforms?

Why can’t I synch my games between my Android cell and my IPad? I’m signed onto both game center and Facebook but iPad is starting over on a new game.

same with apple on phone and ipad.

This doesn’t appear to be related to the topic title. Change that and you might get more assistance :relaxed:

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Unfortunately, the game isn’t set up to be played across platforms. A single account can only be played on either iOS or Android.

A couple notes:

  1. signing into facebook doesn’t save anything, but it is very helpful in the case that your account needs to be recovered, or moved to the other platform
  2. if you want to move your game from one platform to another, the information and form are on SG’s support and faq site.
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It’s easy to play on an iPhone and iPad just sign into game centre on both and progress is transferred.
You just cannot log in at the same time in both devices.
I do this most days as uss my iPad when at home and phone during work day