Playing E&P on PC

Hello all,
Anyone here plays the game on PC / laptop using emulator (Bluestacks for example).
Is it easier or more difficult according to you?

  • I am just thinking if it is worth and maybe more fun to play in computer? -


I play it on the PC because my eyesight is to bad to play it on phone.
There is an added chance to loose connection if blue stacks doesent work correctely but writing in chat is a lot easyer for me! :smile:

I do both…sometimes PC mostly phone. For me it is easier to swap the gems with my fingers than with mouse. I usually use PC for recruiting chat as I type faster with keyboard.


play it often on pc - bigger size :slight_smile: and sometimes on phone.


Tried it and I do agree that it is not suitable to attack Titans on PC …

I only open the game on pc for war hits when I can. Never fails, someone calls me during a hit and while this has only happened once, when the call came in and briefly switched over automatically before rejecting the call. The app closed, only to restart the app and find I basically forfeited my hit gaining a big fat zero.

well, good point on the use of PC to avoid reset during call.
But attacking Titan on PC can be an issue as we have to move fast…

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