Players thrown away from aliiance during setting up phase shouldn't take part in war - PLEASE COMMENT

When player is incative for few days, he still takes part in a war.
When the setting up phase begins inactive player is taking part in a war autamtically.

And there is a problem: when I decide to throw away this member from alliance, during setting up phase, he becomes an ex-member. As the war begins, this player is still ex-member and takes part in a war.

Is this good? War not started, but player thrown away before the start is still a member of war. If he is thrown away or he lefts alliance on his own during war, of course, he becomes an ex-memeber, as it is in war rules.

My idea is to change it.
When player lefts alliance in setting up phase before war or he is thrown away, he shuoldn’t take part in a war as ex-member.

It’s unfair - why player that threre’s no contact must be in war and gives only loss, while there was a possibility to move him out before war starts?
Or should leader decide which players can take part in a war?

What do You think? Please vote and comment

You should have removed him from the alliance earlier.


It’s not always possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it is. You can use the “kick” button anytime :wink:


What would prevent a group of unscrupulous individuals from making secondary F2P accounts having them in the alliance to give them a lower average hero baseline. Then kicking them during the prep stage. Leaving a normal alliance facing 10-15 fully stacked players with extremely well developed def teams and likely 6 fully prepped attack teams when if theyre lucky maybe they could wipe out the cheaters once.

An extreme example I’ll grant you but altogether feasible.


I think it would be a good idea to block to possibility for the opposite team during war to attack a player that left or got kicked out of the alliance after preparations and before the war started, in order to even out the playing field, as the alliance just lost 6 attack flags.

Why? It’s annoying, but it’s simply bad HR management…

It’s actually better to have them there. Points for killing teams is spread through the whole alliance. That Ex Member gives the opposing alliance one more team they have to kill to reset you. You’re at a disadvantage already due to the flags that won’t be used, but it would be worse if their team was also gone.

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We’ve actually see this quite a bit where an opponent will either have ex members when war starts or even all of a sudden have ex members during a war and found this be strange especially those when the war starts.
Whether they are booted of they left we don’t know.
We had that happen to us once where a new member left once the war started, it was annoying at the time fir sure.

Although I understand it’s a disadvantage to the opponents we are quite content to accept that added advantage, horrible to say I’m sure.

I guess not much can be done about it as matchmaking is already done and it’s something that can’t be undone because if the system booted him then the other team would be 1 player extra anyway or it would mean one of those players woukd have to miss out and then the question is who gets to choose which one of those players gets taken away. It would create a complete mess and more arguements and complaints.

As I’m sure it is the case with most alliences not all hits gets used anyway so the fact that an ex member doesn’t use their hits isn’t that great a big deal as it just means all the others have to make sure they use theirs.
So really at the end of the day it’s not such as big a deal as you might beleave it to be.

Keep in mind SG can fix script and server errors but what they can’t fix is human errors and how humans act so asking them to fix this problem would be like asking them to fix the typing errors in your posts, it’s a human mistake not a computerized or programmed one.

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