Players staying on line to avoid revenge


If heroes are too strong, I keep scrolling to the next. :slight_smile: Maybe bait someone with a weak hero in the corner someplace.


All it takes is one button press and some ham to skip someone. I find it hard to be annoyed by that, but there’s a thread on this forum that shows some players do find cup droppers annoying. So indeed everyone’s personal annoyance threshold is their prerogative.

And the same goes for cupdropping, that too is anyone’s prerogative. The devs did take measures to discourage it, by decreasing the amount of ham/ore you can win in raids if you’re a cupdropper. Anyone that still persists in cupdropping doesn’t need much ham/ore I guess?

This is a case where both sides pay a price and the limit of what’s achievable is agreeing to disagree. :man_shrugging:


I’m not concerned by this problem, but it’s still a problem.
Cup droppers affect mid-level or even low-level players.
Yes, you can reroll and lose [stronghold level] * 1000 ham, and there’s a new opponent.
And often you find what ? An other cup dropper ?! And here we go again. Reroll, lose ham, reroll, …
When you’re still leveling your first 4*, your mines, your forge, …, you can’t afford to lose too much ham.
When you have high Level buildings, there’s no more problem, but before it is a problem.
Cup droppers are penalized by low amounts of ham/ore in lower category chests (< diamant), but they penalized players that did not do anything “unfair”.

But there’s finally not much devs can do.
There Will always be players that need “balls”, to fight against worthy (at least same kind of strengh) opponents…



Yes, it’s definite. You might get lucky, but the first time I made it into the top 100 I only lasted there a few minutes before being raided back down to lower cup levels while still online.


Touch more 100 for serie is little?


Yes I am proud of it, this way i dont get raided, and keep all the food and iron. I dont raid myself so I think this is fair. The whole cup list doesnt mean annything to me. To be complete I dont do war either.


You are missing out on great loot from ches … oh wait.


No I missing nothing of that crapy loot, it only takes longer to get a elemental chest but so be it.


In fact, there is something that devs can do in order both to punish cup droppers and to reward intrepid raiders…
What do they want, the cup droppers ?
Filling their chest without fighting.
To have easy revenges, again, in order to fill the chest like cowards…

Give bonus/malus when TP of attacker is a lot smaller/greater than TP of defender.

For example:
TP attacker = TP defender +/- 300 : no bonus.
TP attacker + 300 < TP defender : bonus +1 when filling chest.
TP attacker + 400 < TP defender : bonus +2.

And on the contrary:
TP attacker > TP defender + 300 : malus -1 hero when filling chest.
TP attacker > TP defender + 400 : malus -2 heroes.

It has to be studied but I’m sure it Will quickly discourage silly cup dropping.

Maybe the same idea but using % instead (the all game is ruled by %).
If TP attacker > TP defender * 1.1 (+10%), then -1 hero when filling chest.
If TP attacker > TP defender * 1.12 (+12%) then -2 heroes when filling chest.
And so on.


I like that idea, Arnaud…have is submitted it as a recommendation on the forum?


This would be a good solution for the kind of droppers who just want to fille theyr chest quickly. For the droppers like me who simply want to keep the produced food and iron it would make no difference so fine with me.