Players staying on line to avoid revenge


I’ve been playing for more than a year and have found several players staying on line for hours on end. It appears to be a tactic to avoid being revenged. Have the developers considered something that would somehow curb this type of behavior?

Yeah I’ve noticed stuff like this too.

Also I sometimes get attacked even when I myself am online.

They may be chatting. I know of some people who can stay on the chats for hours talking.


If you are not active you are automatically kicked out of the game. I would not think the developers would penalize you for playing the game for long periods. I’m able to grind at work all day long (I’m level 58), so if you can put in the time should you not get the benefit of being safe from raids? They can get me when I’m sleeping lol :joy:


You could be correct, Yoohoo. I just wish there was a way the game could distinguish between active playing and chatting. Good point though…

I confess, I’m in the same situation myself, BadForBusiness…I take every opportunity to jump on myself. But I get sufficiently raided. As I shared with Yoohoo, I just wish the game would differentiate being inactive while “Active”…chatting instead of playing.

10 minutes of inactivity and you are booted

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in 8 months of playtime I’ve been on almost 24/7. I’m very active so why be penalized for making the game more fun for others by keeping it going. When I work or sleep it’s enough time to get raided


I can see your point between chatting and playing. I guess they see it as you are still active within the game. Someone could dispute I’m not actually playing because I grind on auto all day. Press a few buttons within 10 minutes and focus on my work. Rense and repeat. I still have the game open and am putting in the time. It’s a option open to all. Lifes priorities dictate weather you can take advantage of that aspect or not. Should one be penalized because they have that opportunity and another does not?

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This is not an issue. You’re inactive, you’re kicked off and can be raided. Your online; you’re safe. Take some meds to stay awake all night and take advantage of this - just make sure you move your screen every 10 minutes.

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And of course if you get up into the top 100, you can, and most certainly will be raided, whether you are online or not.


I find it a chalenge to not get raided :rofl:

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You’re the hunter, they’re the prey. Are you sure you’re using all the means available to you to connect your revenge?

I’ve played another game in which revenge, in particular of top leaderboard players, was tough to pull off because of online + peace treaty. Some players turned hunting for revenge into a covert operation. They got to know the playing patterns of their targets by all kinds of in game spy/surveillance operations.

So if you’re seeking to revenge against high profile targets, that might be an avenue you could take. It’s an acquired taste. It takes time and effort. It’s for those that enjoy the chase more than the catch, for sure.

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My watchtower finds it a challenge to be raided as much as possible :scream::joy:

Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on. In my entire available scrollable raid history I’ve only had 2 raids on me that were not revenge, and one of them is un-revengable for me. I don’t mind raiding but it’s making filling my chest more work than I’d like.

Are people skipping me? Should I not take resources out of my WT to make myself a juicier target? Should I change my tank (kashrek in gold)?

I’d say yeah on the tank change, kashrek on gold is probably a big no-go for many people.

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Because of my very low cup count i almost never get raided but there still some who try:sunglasses: I am at 1800 cups with defence team of 4100 plus works perfectly for me.

And you are proud of this ?
TP 4100+ and 1800 cups…

That’s just annoying “true” players who try to do their best.
Very brave.


Paulon, are you sure you can be raided while on line? I’ve been in the top 100 and the only time I’ve received notice that I was raided while on line is when they had already begun raiding before I logged on. I don’t know that you can be raided by anyone who hasn’t begun raiding you before you logged on…

People can revenge you attacks while you are online if you’re in the top 100 :slight_smile:

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