Players should NOT be included in multiple wars!

This mostly applies I suppose to mercs who forget to uncheck the opt out of war box, and think they’re being helpful responding to players requests for titan help… Then inadvertently getting included in that alliance’s war. Or the alliance needing merc help, but ask before war matchmaking is completed :disappointed_relieved:.

I confess I have been included in multiple alliance’s wars simultaneously … Congrats to the players I was matched with when mercing Zombie alliances. But, mercs have also been caught unawares and been included in an active alliance whose matchmaking was still in progress. Unused war flags vs dead titan :person_shrugging:.

To make matters worse, the mercs war chest gets reset. So they may have had 100% participation in their home alliance, it goes to zero if you forget to opt out / alliance needing help matchmaking not finished. This is NOT fair!

Please Fix this so once you’re locked into war in one alliance, you can’t be included in another alliance’s war.

Recall when Masterboy intentionally did it twice to use 9 flags each over two wars to get his PoV avatar early.

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Oh my… Where there’s a will there’s a way for someone to work the system :thinking:. Didn’t know you could. Thanks


That’s when this problem was first noticed. Basically he got the avatar earlier than everyone else and someone posted it as a bug. He explained what he did and SGG “fixed” it with the solution that we have now… people are still caught in the matchmaking process, but can no longer participate in the 2 wars.

So, I’m curious on how you propose to make the solution? The minute you get caught in the matchmaking process you will be locked into that alliance for the war, as in first come, first served? In other words, you get caught in the zombie alliance?

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Yet, you can be included in multiple alliances’ wars :disappointed_relieved:.

I would suggest exactly this. Once matchmaking is completed in your home alliance, you’re confirmed on the battlefield, you leave to merc, and you then CAN NOT be included in the matchmaking of another alliance.


Like I’ve mentioned before, SGG doesn’t really resolve issues the way players wished they were resolved and come up with a solution that generally isn’t what people are looking for. In this case, it was kind of a half solution.

Yeah, that would make sense. May be difficult for them to implement, i.e. they’ll probably have to give players a “tag” to marked that they can no longer be counted in the matchmaking process. But hey, chances are, they’ll do nothing.

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Maybe it can be implemented in this way: when you enter the alliance, by default you are opted-out of wars, unless you already were earlier matched in war in this alliance.
It is the default “opt-in” in wars that causes this problem.


Folks, I’m going to throw this out there, but this isn’t SGs problem. You need to be aware of what’s going on at the time you leave and enter a new alliance, it’s that simple. That’s your own business to manage, not theirs.

That issue is used by a lot of players to get easy war wins and effectively drop their war score after each win. It has been addressed multiple times as well with no action taken from SG whatsoever.

A few hours of coding at 100€/hr billing rate isn’t asking a lot of the developer.

Asking tens of thousands of players to do something before they leave an alliance to merc then do something again when they return is asking a lot. Twice per week. Every week.

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I think you’re over-estimating how many people do this. I bet it is a lot less than a thousand. Just taking random looks around the alliances, I’m sure you’ll find that most have been in the alliances for much longer than a week.

Maybe it is just one player. Not a problem at all.

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Not sure if you are being sarcastic, but I’m just stating that generally speaking it is a fairly rare situation. I don’t know how long the matchmaking process is, but doesn’t strike me as taking more than an hour per war (at least I only recall seeing matchmaking in process for a limited time when I check my war tab). So basically in a week, we’re talking about 2 or 3 hours where you don’t merc. Even then, it only affects if you happen to land in an alliance that hadn’t been matched yet.
It sucks if you get caught, and I’m sure there are more than just one player, but I don’t think it is as widespread as you had originally said.

I waited 4 hours after matching (we were 1st or second) then merced. And got caught in a small alliance matching. Waited another hour…and got caught again. Only time but twice during one matchmaking period…

I don’t think many get caught each time but more than a few players merc. And are vulnerable to this occurring. It would be a small amount of code to prevent this from ever happening. It would also “punish” war jumpers who bolt the big alliance and still get to participate.


Fair comment. Although the multiple pop-ups and event / daily offers that players are bombarded with when entering the game, would that be the players business to manage as there is no opt out, or SG’s? :thinking:

Anyway, back on topic… What I find incredulous to believe is that the same player can be included in multiple wars. This shouldn’t be an issue at all! I understand SG half addressed the issue by preventing players participating in multiple wars simultaneously, however why can players still be included in multiple wars :person_facepalming: :exploding_head:?

That could work too. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe they need to tighten up the matchmaking. I guess it is all on how you play, but I would figure just skipping a couple of days of mercing isn’t the end of the world, if it guarantees this doesn’t happen.

I’m not sure this punishes war jumpers… and could you explain what you mean by that? You mean people who sabotage wars by joining random big alliances and leaving after matchmaking? I don’t see how that would really change things.

How is it now? If you get matched in various alliances, which is the alliance that you can actually participate in? The one that you matched previously and are present for the start of the war?

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Correct me if I’m wrong but, haven’t they spent time making mercing a little less attractive? By reducing titan loot in merc type situations…Why would they then turn around and make mercing more attractive?

I imagine they don’t really want you mercing so they are certainly not gonna make a mercs life easier. Plus, as someone has said, I think this is a non issue as we’re talking about a few hours per week where mercing is a really bad idea.

I doubt they’ll do anything, but you can hope.

Happy Gaming! :sunglasses:

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Have seen a couple of times where players had stretched to get in a bigger alliance (both were top 100) and after matching had a change of heart and dropped into lower alliances. If the lights are too bright, I get that. But use your flags before jumping. In those two cases it wasn’t out of malice or as a joke but preventing players from then joining a second alliance, matching with them and using flags may have prevented that from occurring.
My experience was top alliances took war seriously and starting down by 6 flags due to a jumper doesn’t bring fun to the game.
The smaller alliance is likely the one punished due to merc matching. In my situation, the defense left there was OP and punished the opponents.
Simple code one time would address these two issues permanently.

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Aside from the fact that I doubt it would only take a few lines of code, I don’t even see how this would solve your first issue where someone has a change of heart and jumps after matching. They’ll probably do that regardless, and just not participate in the new alliance.
As for punishing the alliance that you jumped into, well, there is that. But when you merc, do you jump in and do your hits and stick around for the titan to die? Or just back out after doing your hits? I would think it would be a simple check to jump in, see where they are in the war and if it isn’t settled, jump out before getting caught.

I didn’t say a few lines of code. I said simple code. And was generous above stating it could be a few hours of programming. Even put out a reasonable billing rate assuming it wouldn’t be covered in salary.
I usually checked their war screen when mercing. The time I got caught it was so far from our matching I didn’t check. Was there maybe 3 minutes (1 flag kill and wait for loot). Same thing an hour plus later. I always checked thereafter.
The players jumping couldn’t participate in that war. They would miss out on war loot, PoV advancement and if they enjoyed war, they would miss out on that fun.