Players per country

Does anyone have access to the actual amount of E&P players by country? If so, can it be shared? The reason I am asking is because I can see what my local rank is, but I do not know how where I am on that ranking.

Thank you

Maybe @Guvnor has a clue, at least @Petri will have but i don’t know if there is a possibility to share it with the community!?

Thank you Christopher, I appreciate the help

No, that information isn’t available I’m afraid

Thank you for your assistance. Can we request that information like this could be made available without infringement of anyone’s rights? For example, just the numbers by country?

SG have historically been very tight with releasing data.
Just telling us which raid tanks are popular was considered a big deal.
So, you can ask, but I don’t have any expectation that any data would be forthcoming :slightly_smiling_face:


Your local ranking is raids is available.
Just click raids then leader board, then your country should be in the middle so.

Thank you for the assist, however I am aware of what my local rank is, I was just interested to know where on the local list I am. Thanks again.

Thank you Jonah, I appreciate the info.

You can see how far down the list you are in your country. How far up from the bottom would likely be a false data point anyway, including a lot of zombie accounts that are no longer active.

Staff would, but like you said it’s unlikely that data would be released.

Personally I don’t have the infos. You MAY be able to get some info from download rates from Google and apple but idk…

Thank you for your suggestion, but it seems the question is moot. If SG do not usually share information like this then I think I will have to accept matters as they stand.

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