Players need the ability to convert heroes, troops, and ascension materials

I’m proposing that we have a building that would allow players to convert an asset and change it into another asset of the same type and rarity after a certain wait period.

I think some RNG is great, but it would be great if players could have a building where they could input a hero, troop, or ascension material and get a random hero/troop/material back of the same rarity in a few days.

I know of several players that have 6 of some hero that would like ANY other hero back in return.

Personally, I now have my 8th purple 4 star troop and no 4 star troops of any other color. The chance of this is 1 in 390625 or 0.000256%. It would be really really nice to mitigate some of that RNG and get a 4 star troop of ANY other color back.

Or the player that has 20 hidden blades but no trap tools for months.

I think these players would really appreciate a way of trading what they have and getting something else in return.

So I’m proposing that we have a building that slowly converts heroes, troops, or ascension items, to another asset of the same type and rarity.

I think that’s what the new buildings are for - Alchemy Lab and Hero Academy. You can search in the forums for more information about them :slight_smile:

Hopefully. I know this is what the Alchemy Lab does, but it’s not clear what the Hero Academy converts. Does it convert troops too? Hopefully.

Probably not, I think it’s only for heroes.

Yeah, that’s why I’m making the suggestion, before it’s too late.


I was thinking the same thing… i was just talking about this in my alliance. We were all complaining that we had so many multiple heroes and/or ascension materials that we dont or wont use…i mean there is only but so many Colins one person should have :slight_smile:


Good call! That’s what this forum is for :wink:

For me it’s Gadeirus, I have 7 of them. And no, I actually haven’t done that many 10 pulls, I have 1-2 of almost every other hero only. I would love to convert my army of Gadeirus into virtually anything else.

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Eso seria perfecto. Y poder intercambiar héroes y objetos con los miembro de la alianza. Pero eso facilitaría mucho el avance en el juego y no interesa demasiado a los creadores. Sigo pensando q sería estupendo

Great, my idea is implemented. Thanks and you can close this!