Players like to go in and out carelessly

help for players who like to get in and out of an alliance makes the focus of the other players given access in and out by a leader or fellow leaders … so every player who wants to leave an ally cannot be arbitrary without permission from a leader or fellow leaders … so as not to be a loss to the team when the alliance war takes place … or decrease the mentality of other players
Thank you admin so that it is made into a material for consideration

If the player wants to leave the alliance but is not allowed due to wars, s/he would likely still impact the war by not using flags. This has the same effect as a player leaving the alliance mid-war as their defense team is still on the field.

I understand the thought behind this, but I don’t think it is a good restriction to implement for this game. It does no good for the alliance (likely no war flags or Titan flags used to help the alliance) and may end up making some player angry with those in the alliance. Who needs more drama? :grin:

It sounds like your alliance has issues with players using your alliance as a temporary home. If someone habitually comes and goes as they please, a better system would be to inform them that is not acceptable and will be kicked out immediately the next time they do that. If they don’t listen, then use the kick button whenever they appear.


the loss of a team if a player leaves an alliance during the war is a big loss to a team
the problem is different if we eject someone in an alliance because he goes in and out without confirmation

but that became a problem when the war was continuing
only a word “yes I want to join” is impossible for us to send him out
but what I say is that there is power of control to a leader to guarantee the integrity of the team when the war takes place by taking control in and out without the permission of the leader or coleader of the alliance

I hope the admin understands and is taken into consideration

The easiest way to avoid people you don’t want to join the alliance is to make it “invite only”.
I am not fond of the idea of leaders being able to force members to stay in an alliance they want to leave, even though I understand that it is very inconvenient if someone decides to leave in the middle of a war.
It is not a dictatorship but a leadership, hopefully and mostly for mature players respecting the alliance they are in.

Agreed, because you lose those flags the player may have used. Although, I will reiterate what I mentioned earlier - if that player wants to leave, it’s likely s/he will not be using war flags. This puts your alliance in the same situation - a team on the board and the player not using flags. If that player wants to go then let him. You don’t want someone that doesn’t want to be there.

If the issue is players hopping in and leaving a few hours later (specifically during war prep) then @Julia has a good solution. Just make your alliance invite only. If you don’t want to exclude potential great alliance members, raise the trophy count and leave the alliance open. This will get you players that have been around long enough to understand the game mechanics (specifically what happens when you leave during a war).

Another thing to add is to greet the new player as soon as possible with a list of alliance rules. You can even add the info in your alliance info box. If they don’t feel the rules are what they’re looking for, they can move on to the next alliance. Otherwise, you will likely have a new alliance member that is very clear on the rules.

Just some thought. Hope some of them help :smile:

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