Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

They have been playing a long long time I would imagin

It is possible for busy folks to not keep up that pace. I know of a player from early 2017 who is only in the 40’s.

Naturally those daily players (or hourly!) should be rewarded with that substantially higher level number. :grin:


Spending fortunes for WE and loot tickets…

Yes that account is a small fortune! For sure

Now I’m wondering about this lol, great!

@zephyr1 I’ve not noticed anything in terms of a benefit at being a higher level player (sure you get a WE -don’t recall if it’s every time though and a small amount of troop slots - neither helps - especially troop slots - longer you play - the more heroes you have to keep - so increasing what they give you as you rise should be the case not decreasing it).

I can make this statement with 100% certainty level doesn’t add anything noticeable… I can overtake and stick at No.1 (or top 3) in the Leaderboard with players that have 10-20 levels on me and troops much higher than mine (like 5 28-30’s) and teams that are more aggressive than mine! I’ve seen some comments however that some of the higher players think the LEADERBOARD is not accurate - I still see them take runs at it though…

I’ve also noted players with less experience than me and troops WAY LOWER than me with not even close to the team I have overtake me and can stick… so I guess this would be the gripe…

And NO i’ve never thought about getting a high level after seeing people pass me up as quickly as some have and personally not feeling I’ve benefited from the higher level. No bragging rights because the game doesn’t show us what the highest level is. Everything I have said here in slight detail is really in my face at the moment and I’m not liking it. Hope new owners will make some adjustments…

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You’re welcome. :wink:

This is what I imagined, that at some point it’s effectively a cosmetic change more than a practical one. As @Rook alluded, the substantially higher level number is essentially itself the reward of recognition of the time grinding.

This is a bit off-topic, but the common compulsion about rankings in its many manifestations — including those more established players who seem to care about their own or others, as well as those newer players who come to the forum with conspiracy theories that “the top players don’t want anything changed that might displace their rank” — has so far always baffled me. I understand that it’s fun to see your name listed up high, but it does seem a bit arbitrary with the way the current system works.

But I digress.

All of this makes me wonder if there could/should be some greater form of reward and recognition. It seems like the current systems have some upper bounds on things to try to achieve as a long-term player.

I’m hoping that the 2019 additions are helping to shift that — I’d hate to see players like you become less engaged.

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Sorry man, I know you are busy as all get up on the site–wow, pulling troop data now.–amazing! Didn’t mean to start you down another path lol

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Well I notice at lvl 42 that I can hit a bunch of map or event items in a row without a red flask (WE power!), and I assume I’d have even more at a higher lvl. Hmm!

It looks like a pretty slow climb — level 42 has 37 flags, and level 62 has 47 flags, according to the chart @Pois1 made on XP per level requirements

Heh. I’ll take my flags then and run with it!

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My biggest takeaway from that is that almost no amount of leveling will allow a full night’s sleep without losing flags. :thinking::tired_face::sleeping:


I’m averaging going a level up every 2 weeks. I aim to get it every Sunday over 14 days, this week I’m looking to level up a couple days earlier, I put that down to farming higher levels now my WE has increased. But I tend not to waste a flag if I can help it. I go to sleep with zero flags and I’ll hit it whilst getting ready on the morning. During the day it’s alot harder due to work though. But if you’re consistent it’s not hard to do.

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Playing little more than 6 months. Level 42. Not spend money on world energy, not set alarms. Just arithmetic and good time management.

@Rook my statement was being made in regards to higher levels (which I consider to be 50 and over LOL). Yes, the more World Energy units we have the more OLD levels we can farm! Season 2 levels – not even. What cost 10 World Energies in season 2 cost 3 in season 1! Sure that can be considered a stretch big or little depending on the value you put on S2 easy vs. S2 hard. So guys don’t be fooled by the quantity over quality. If you’re a seasoned player and farming season 1 it’s likely because subconsciously your inner-self totally knows that’s a better deal.

This brings up your comment to my comment:

Those who are truly noticing improvements I would like to suggest if you think it’s the LEVEL of your account I would suggest the following being the actual reason:

  1. You have improved with match making your heroes and finding what/who works well together, against particular rarities even potentially to several degrees on particular Monsters/Bosses and other Heroes (you have or don’t).

  2. The continual and progressive leveling (including troops) - this is a HUGE % of what your noticing– it’s what increases the strength of your team and allows you to take on the harder levels and challenges!

  3. Then there is THE PROCESS: re-placing not so great heroes with better ones and replacing better ones with great ones and then with the best ones “IN THIS MOMENT”!

Now when I was in earlier levels even just back in the mid 40’s – totally noticeable. I had completely leveled 5*’s. They just weren’t the right combination, I was pulling the trigger regularly – a lot of no.03 above to get where I am today which will be gone tomorrow! Well it will seem like it when that day comes.

I have to assume that EVERY PLAYER that is spending their days playing this game is striving for:

  1. Newer and Better Heroes

  2. A deeper bench for Titan battles and Wars

  3. Increasing their troop levels for that little extra (leaving out talents for now)

I would say it is those 3 items above (soon becoming) 4 as to why you are seeing improvement. @zephyr1 alluded to the level of one’s account/player players account potentially being the eye candy ‘achievement’ for being a very committed long term player.

@zephyr1 I truly appreciate your attention to detail as well taking the time to read what your responding too! Providing feedback as well personal insight!

Excellent contribution.

So all the above as well as these particular observations by @Olmor and @Nanner81 - thanks for making the following points:

@Slingbow no worries my man! You know me- E&P’s community and its players (do as much as I can – and curiosity at high levels). So once again this response brings me to the next thought… I have a Current/Historical Stats/Reporting site, a Uses Group, hold and host E&P events, participate and respond to members both in and out of the forum as much as possible, and put together an very solid/useful decision support tool that continues to evolve for the players of my favorite game (spending crazy hours at times to do so) and here I am paying for loot tickets and world energy flasks (and other stuff) because I don’t have enough time to sit on my phone to farm for free. I’m paying E&P so that I can provide their players decision support in many forms - LOL! Man how the world has changed. It’s all GoOD. This is much more rewarding. What we measure ourselves against has much to do with how we perceive where we are at. Back to that other gig that pays me so I can pay E&P. PEACE!

@Kerridoc I tried keeping my response on LEVEL and was wrapping up responding when the split happened – suspect I caused that – man – probably another one now eh? I deleted a lot that was on as well off topic depending on how you look at it.


Since I am the author of XP per level requirement I obviously track some players regularly in order to get the data. I would like to thank @uclapack for providing the screenshots every time she levels up. Btw congrats for reaching level 78 yesterday!
Top level afaik is Camoes of POR PORTUGAL (82), then MANU of Oceano Pacífico (81). There is a bunch of other players I got my eye on but speaking about who levels up fastest at the moment of the players I track and who are all level 75+ I gotta say it is Ninjamoe of Seven Days Fermented who is not only the fastest to got the missions done but he also leveled up 5 times in the last 40 days. He is now up to level 75.
Keep your eye also on Elektrik of Agressive, Jacobus of Seven Days Departed and Bad Triceratop from Ritual. I am a big fan of all these players (gotta also mention Zero - lvl72 currently)! Keep up the good work!

I am myself on level 61 and fighting with none of The Jerk Store also level 61 for the top spot in the Czech Republic.

If anybody knows for which alliance Alex Forquet is playing, please let me know here.


@Pois1 with the pace you are describing then we will definitely see someone reach level 100 sometime this summer. Amazing!

That is impossible. I am absolutely sure about that. From level 79 to 80 there is already 2M+ XP requirement. Since the requirement is still increasing the amount of days needed to level up is getting higher. Even with the extreme farming speed of uclapack it is 17 days to level up now. She will soon get to 20 and then to 30. I would not expect anything more than low 90’s by the end of the year by the top players.


Top 3 spots for XP

  1. 23-11
  2. 20-4
  3. 17-1

Them are the top 3 spots in order of best XP per flag. I myself do 16-9 pretty religiously cause of the body count and decent mats. When i am hammering out XP specifically i do 20-4 and use all my loot tickets on 23-11. I am currently level 62 and level about every 8-12 days depending on if im using and WE potions or gems for energy.

If we take the fastest leveler mentioned here, 5 levels in 40 days, from 70 to 75. That is about 8M XP, roughly 200k XP/day. Leveling from 82 to 100 should require almost 56M XP (and bit over 4M from 99 to 100). With 200k/day pace, it would take about 276 days. So theoretically possible during this year.

After pretty much exactly 6 months and 3 weeks, I’ve hit level 40 :grin:

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