Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

Do you exhaust all raid flags even if there is no hero chest? I stop as soon as I fill my chest, unless I’m desperate for food

I actually do use my flags consistently but I did sort of almost give up last year when I couldn’t pull a healer so slowed down for a few weeks. But that was pretty minor all things considered

My alliance isn’t very good at killing titans so that might not be the best metric

Did you say you farm 8-7? You definitely seem to be using your WE well!!

Barring unusual circumstances, yes. So that’s probably a lot of the difference there.

I can relate to that — for several months Hawkmoon was my only healer (not counting Friar Tuck), even as I got a decent roster of other sorts of 3* and 4* heroes. My enjoyment of the game the last month since suddenly getting a flood of healers from tc20 and some pulls (Melendor x 2, Rigard x 2, Boldtusk, Vivica, Sabina, Belith) has increased a lot.

That would explain that stat too. We’re good about killing titans regularly, and have quite high participation in general, which helps a lot.

I farm depending on what I’m after. I banked tens of millions of food in tc13 on my way to tc19/20, so 8-7 farming was a necessity for quite a while to get enough recruits to put away the food. I imagine I must have run that level more than any other so far, given the long run of only that.

Since then, I farm 7-7 a lot for the balance of Rugged Clothes and recruits, and jump around to 7-4 for monster chests, 8-7 sometimes still, provinces 9-14 for particular items, and every few days or so will do a couple runs on higher levels using loot tickets if I’m in a rush to burn WE, e.g. before bed, when I don’t want to wait on autoplay farming.

Lately I’ve been using a lot of my WE on Christmas, Knights, and S2 Hard levels, so I haven’t been farming as much outside of filling monster chests.

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That’s correct. I can burn raid flags any time I want, and they don’t generate XP. But the titains go down and then don’t respawn for a while. So it’s much more important to worry about what’s happening with the titan when considering when to level up.

Also, titans have a better asension material drop rate than the (non-color) wanted chests. So, yeah, always prioritize the titan.

I prioritize all the flags. Not much free here

Wow ok, there could be the answer. There was a stage where I auto farmed 13-6 to get rid of my flags more easily. Sometimes I did 9-1 when I got sick of 8-7. But I’ve not known someone farming provinces 9-14 all round!

In any case, well done that you’ve accelerated beyond the usual standard and I wish you well on your journey ahead :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure I understand how you could prioritize everything. How would you handle an upcoming level-up event differently than I described?

Thanks! 13-6 and 9-1 were my go-to farming levels early on, before I learned about the recruit benefits of 8-7, and the need to farm for particular crafting ingredients by province. That’s the only reason I jump around — I’ll run a day or two of farming in different provinces depending on what I’m short on for crafting ingredients, like 11-9 for crypt mushrooms, or 14-9 for Firestone.

Anyway, I’ve probably hijacked this topic enough now lol. Suffice it to say I apparently am gaining xp faster than some people, at least.

Maybe I can be low level 70s in a year. :wink:

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Playing since late february and I‘m level 45. farming mostly 8-7 and never bought flasks or refills. I‘m an efficiency addict - so no flags get wasted unless at Sleepingtime.

We also see people using even 50 WE flasks on events, getting a huge amount of exp.

Definetely where you farm affect your level, even if you use all your flags.
I know people used to be the same level as me and now they have 3 or 4 levels more, even if i almost never waste energy.


Ok, tag me each time you reach a “ten” mark okay?

Look forward to sharing in your progress :rofl:

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Weren’t event’s 2-flag zone, quests and 20.4 the best powerleveling spots?

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23-11 is the best (non-event) XP per flag.


Well, what is the maximum level?
Do you play 24/7 or just a few hours a day?

Not sure who your question is directed to. If it’s me, then I only spend a few hours a day playing, and I’m not sure there is a maximum level.

You’re the one most similar to me. I’ve been playing since June and im at 34, 80% of the way to 35. I only took like a 2 week hiatus.

Most i do to avoid wasting a bunch world energy is that i sometimes take a minute to loot ticket season 2 while on my lunch breaks at work. And thats only sometimes


I don’t know anyone that does that, or at least they’ve never mentioned it (because it’s weird) and they will be perpetually single doing that. But pretty much farming a good chunk of the day using world energy refills. Though maybe less so now than earlier in the year.

Started June of 2017 and I am lvl 62. Some in my alliance started a few months afterwards and are about to hit lvl 70. They literally farm at least 8 hours a day.

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The ones I know over level 70 tell me 19-9 is the best bang for WE there is. Break it down and it looks to be correct. Yet it’s very close to a few other good stages. Since Atlantis came out, I see plp leveling more often due to the amount of experience it gives. Yet still isn’t as efficient as 19-9.


Not the best XP bang, but maybe the best aggregate outcome bang in terms of XP and mats. Here’s the data I live by:


Nice, thanks for providing the link! I can’t argue much about any of them and just listen to the opinions in 7DF and the other connected alliances.I have my preference because of several factors I play by but it seems there are many good places to farm. S2 has areas that drop dust, nuggets and dragon bones well. I am usually after those because we see nothing lower than a 12* titan. Yet at times other materials are needed, then switch some. The amount of experience per WE spent, has never really matter much. It’s all about the drops for me. Looking at your link, it does have some interesting info.

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