Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

Since I am the author of XP per level requirement I obviously track some players regularly in order to get the data. I would like to thank @uclapack for providing the screenshots every time she levels up. Btw congrats for reaching level 78 yesterday!
Top level afaik is Camoes of POR PORTUGAL (82), then MANU of Oceano Pacífico (81). There is a bunch of other players I got my eye on but speaking about who levels up fastest at the moment of the players I track and who are all level 75+ I gotta say it is Ninjamoe of Seven Days Fermented who is not only the fastest to got the missions done but he also leveled up 5 times in the last 40 days. He is now up to level 75.
Keep your eye also on Elektrik of Agressive, Jacobus of Seven Days Departed and Bad Triceratop from Ritual. I am a big fan of all these players (gotta also mention Zero - lvl72 currently)! Keep up the good work!

I am myself on level 61 and fighting with none of The Jerk Store also level 61 for the top spot in the Czech Republic.

If anybody knows for which alliance Alex Forquet is playing, please let me know here.


@Pois1 with the pace you are describing then we will definitely see someone reach level 100 sometime this summer. Amazing!

That is impossible. I am absolutely sure about that. From level 79 to 80 there is already 2M+ XP requirement. Since the requirement is still increasing the amount of days needed to level up is getting higher. Even with the extreme farming speed of uclapack it is 17 days to level up now. She will soon get to 20 and then to 30. I would not expect anything more than low 90’s by the end of the year by the top players.


Top 3 spots for XP

  1. 23-11
  2. 20-4
  3. 17-1

Them are the top 3 spots in order of best XP per flag. I myself do 16-9 pretty religiously cause of the body count and decent mats. When i am hammering out XP specifically i do 20-4 and use all my loot tickets on 23-11. I am currently level 62 and level about every 8-12 days depending on if im using and WE potions or gems for energy.

If we take the fastest leveler mentioned here, 5 levels in 40 days, from 70 to 75. That is about 8M XP, roughly 200k XP/day. Leveling from 82 to 100 should require almost 56M XP (and bit over 4M from 99 to 100). With 200k/day pace, it would take about 276 days. So theoretically possible during this year.

After pretty much exactly 6 months and 3 weeks, I’ve hit level 40 :grin:

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You guys are also all forgetting that levels provide a huge advantage in wars. If you haven’t heard, just read some of the recent posts in the matchmaking topic.

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Wow well done congrats, 6 hours of sleep :smiley:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: My thoughts as well!

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I don’t know about event 2-flag levels for XP/WE, but since you can only farm those (at most) 4 days/month, nobody will do the majority of their farming there.

But I do know that quests have generally poor XP.

Best in the game (so far) is 1:23-11 at 405 XP/WE
Farming 1:5-8 for backpacks gives you 153 XP/WE, just over 1/3 of 23-11
Farming 1:8-7 gives 272 XP/WE, 2/3 of 23-11
Farming 1:12-9 gives 314 XP/WE, 3/4 of 23-11
If you are farming season 2, XP/WE varies from 242 to 312, and as more levels are released, there may be some levels which are higher.

If you want to level fast, 23-11 still can’t be beat. But as a farming level, it just isn’t close to best for other things I care about more, especially recruits; I only use it when I’m going to use a few flasks of WE and loot tickets there trying to level up on the current titan.


Actually, sometimes when I am low on loot tickets for late evening farming, I’ll autoplay during tv time. If I let my husband keep pressing the replay button when I go to bed and he stays up too late, I can be not quite full on energy in the morning. I have 47 world energy, so I can get a nice full night of sleep on that (if only my daughter would sleep through the night :wink: ).
I don’t really farm for xp, so I guess I could have been a lot higher than lvl62 if I’d farm 23-11, but I’ve done most farming on 8-7.

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I have to stop a couple of hours before heading to bed through the week if I want full world energy by the time I get up for work. I sleep more on the weekend though, and generally lose some flags then in favour of extra snoring time. Currently 48 world energy.

Yes, @Garanwyn said that too.

My 20.4 things were a fault of a friend of mine that told me his best exp/flag: it were actually the best exp/flag stage for him with a 100% autoplay winning chance and not the absolute best.

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@Zephyr1 just dinged 40. Over here :slight_smile:

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You’re going to open a wormhole with that circular link lol.

With any luck! What this forum desperately needs is a functioning stargate.


Seems like there still isn’t an accurate answer to this question about when the game started so I will give you the best answer I have.
I started playing in mid Oct 2016 the game only had players from Australia and Canada (that I recall) so I think it was limited to those countries. The top player only had 3 x 3* heros in their line up so I’m guessing I was only about a week behind them. There was less than 1000 players when I started and yes alliance recruitment was difficult even then (alliances were only 8 people, not 30).
I think it was about March 2017 when the game went global.
I am only level 58 but I am F2P so it’s a bit slower.
Hope this helps a bit.


I started in August 2018 and am level 44 (almost 45).

Level 70 sounds about right for people who have 1.5 years on me…

Wow! You’re definitely the earliest player I’ve heard of. Did you just happen to stumble across the game or were you invited to play a pre-release version?

I’m f2p (level 57) as you and I start playing (from Spain) in

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