Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

I see some players in the low 70s for levels. This has me curious how long E&P has been around. I have been playing for 9 months EVERY DAY and I’m level 37, but the levels are taking MUCH longer to gain.

From what I see on a google search, E&P appears to have been released in March 2017. Can anyone confirm this date or another date for initial release of the game? Knowing how long it is taking to gain individual levels, March 2017 doesn’t seem right since we have players leveled in the 70s.

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Yes the experience needed per level grows, but many of the players in the 70s spend $ each day for world energy refills for farming, etc. They’ve also spent a lot on world energy for events and things.

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Haha I always wonder what levels they farm etc

I’ve been playing since last september and I’m level 42, I farm daily and usually don’t let a world flag go to waste

Yes them buying refills justified for some of it but at level 42 you need 700k exp or something close to that for level 43

Maybe I’ve just been farming the wrong levels but I never worry about exp anyways

If you farm S1 23-11, then going from level 42 to 43 is only 11 days worth of flags. At level 42, you have 37 world energy flags. If you just bought energy then farmed, it would take you 46 refills, or 4600 gems. So about $50. It gets worse as you go up, but if you were willing to spend (or grind) with a focus on XP, you could go pretty quickly.

23-11 also happens to be a decent level for Adventurers Kits, Practice Swords, and Rugged Clothes (and not awful for Tall Boots). So you can grind levelling mats while earning good XP.


They also set their alarm to wake up and use WE as well.


Wait… That’s not normal to do? I thought everybody did that.


Guess I’m not normal. :frowning:


Yeah but I’m more focused on getting resources then xp but I see your point

Level just doesn’t matter to me except for the world energy count


Also would not be surprised if they wake up middle of the night to make sure their flags won’t go to waste

Hence setting their alarms to wake up. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree. I’m totally focused on resources too. The only time I care about level is when I’m close to a level up, and I time it so as to get some free extra hits on the titan.

Also, at level 42 you have almost 7 hours needed to totally refill WE. That’s plenty long enough not to kill your sleep schedule with a midnight alarm if you don’t want to.

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You all are funny. No alarms for me!! I agree that level doesn’t really matter, but I was just curious how it was possible to be in the 70s already.

I wish I had started playing when it was first released…the Wild West days of E&P!

Anyone reading this thread start playing in March 2017 when game was released?

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This bit is interesting to me — I’ve been playing a little under 6 months and am level 36, and 63% of the way to 37. I typically level up roughly every 10 days at this point.

I play very regularly, but I don’t set alarms, don’t pay for flag refills, don’t farm for xp in particular, and don’t even use world energy flasks often (I’ve got 25 stockpiled so far).

I’m just a little surprised we’d be so close in level with a fairly significant difference in play duration.

How often do you find you level up now?

Some areas give more exp than others. If someone prefers to use 5-8 for farming for example that will set them back a long way

Participation and completion of events and rare quests might make a difference too perhaps

I actually think level is really important because having a higher level and hence higher WE maximises the time you can sleep without wasting world energy :joy:

The higher your WE, the less alarms you need to set methinks

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That’s definitely true, of course, I was just surprised by the 6-month vs. 9-month duration — that’s quite a lot of variance, even when considering xp per flag differences across farming levels.

xp for Rare Quests and Challenge Events is kind of hit-or-miss. Rare Stage 2 in Challenge Events is the highest xp per flag of pretty much anything in the game, but plenty of the other stages are on par or below typical farming levels like 8-7.

This and hero roster capacity increase are why I like leveling up (and yes, I’ve bought some roster slots too). Both are nice benefits for day-to-day play.

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You say you time it for extra titan hits…you ignore the raid flags?

I’m surprised too because I’ve played for about 1.5 years (I think) and am only level 48

Speaking of which I’m due soon for a level up too.


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So maybe I’m abnormal somehow in my play style. Your pace and @Yikers’ pace seem more on par with each other than mine is. It’s hard to imagine I would only level up another 12ish times in the next year, even as the xp per level grows and leveling pace slows.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, I seem to be outpacing some of my alliance mates who’ve been playing a tad longer than I have too. But I don’t think it’s as dramatic of a difference.

Oh, and congrats on your impending level-up!

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So this is actually interesting too, comparing these two summary stats:

  • Raid Wins: 3192 for you vs. 2187 for me
  • Titans Defeated: 256 for you vs. 136 for me

Like the XP difference, those also seem to imply I’m somehow playing the game “faster” than you are, if projecting out another year. Maybe I’m just using flags more consistently?

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