Players getting banned from chat for innocuous comments

Is anyone reviewing the comments that are being reported? or is SG just letting it go to automatic ban for multiple reports?
Some of the most active participants in chat are finding themselvea being reported for saying “hello” or “don’t spam”. A huge portion of the game is the community, which you hear over and over again from players that are quitting. If you truly expect people to continue to invest their time and $$ in this game, dont set up an automatic response to reports. Look into these and see if they’re ban worthy. There are people out there that are reporting just because they can. Please address this problem before it becomes pervasive. Thank you.


Here’s what Petri has said in the past on the monitoring and review of reports. Sounds like they actually do have humans review them.

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That doesn’t explain why someone is reported for saying “Hi” and getting banned for it. Whoever is reviewing this should look at the player who is doing the reporting as well for possible abuse of the report button.

My understanding is that they do. I suspect it works like the forum: a certain number of reports by the community results in automated action. But the results of that action then get reviewed.

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