Players concerns and hopes

Hello there,

I would like to share this hot topic from the foreing languages in English in the main forum.
Because I think this concerns most of the players.

"The players we are would like to alert on you to the several resignations waves and discontent of our teammates, notably generated by the repetition of obtaining poor loot on titan. Indeed, there are clearly very few chances to win 3 stars and 4 stars items in color / monsters / raids / titans chests and these ingredients and ascension materials are key for making progress in the game. Some of us, regularly ranked a and a + on 10/11/12 stars titans, are struggling to receive for several weeks or months these necessary ascension items for their heroes. They are therefore blocked with no other possibility than discontentment to pay eventually to get the item as desired.

The discouragement and frustration induced by these situations, as well as a late season 2, expensive energy and gems led to significant waves of players stops whether they are ptw or ftp. We like this game, but we also believe that the choices you are making now do not lead to a stalemate. We want to share our concerns with you.

The longly expected Season 2 is quite disappointing so far for “rare” items such as nuggets, dragon bones … etc … for many of us, we farm a lot but we find very few of them to be able to produce our battles items. Our stocks are full of ropes, leaves, clean cloths and other 1 or 2 stars items . The portal, which is opened 3 days a month, with expensive access cost generates a growing dissatisfaction due to the very low probability of obtaining heroes (this being said substantially identical to all the games that can be found). This leads the most long standing gamers to frustration and desire to quit the game. We thank you for having been more transparent on the probabilities for obtaining troops and heroes, it’s helpful.

We are aware that for Titan Loot, odds / luck are highly important. But it is still true that it is curious to have so many unlucky players classified a or a +.

We are also aware that you need data … so we will post as many screenshots and specific informations as we can to support our comments with a constructive approach.

Depending on the searches you are performing, it is likely that the number of active players has increased or at least the number of beginners offsets the stops of some. Never forget that those who play for a long time also maintain the good image of the game by their enthusiastic comments on Google play and Apple store and help in improving it by reporting bugs presence.

We love our teammates, our alliances, this game.

Original poster: Cap from the alliance Jeu et Honneur "

You can read french, spanish and german translation here[Sharing our concerns and hopes]


+1 we just want having fun .:slight_smile:

yes, lolo snow, i completely agree. no fun with actual drops and loots :wink:


100/(5* heroes drop rate) % agree!

I m ok with Lolosnow… help us please

“Ooooooooom” is the mantra I write in the alliance chat when any teammate despairs.

And I used it a lot lately. :disappointed_relieved:

Good evening, for my part, I have 2 accounts, 1 big for which I will not say anything since I am a ptw. Despite this, after more than a year and despite an incalculable number of invocations, camp 20 training, still not the shadow of a yellow 5 *. But my little account, on which I refuse to pay, stagnates desperately. He is in 1 alliance that falls 8 * titans but my loot stays flat, so sadly flat that I think I’ll stop playing with this account. Even my monster chests only contain leaves and ropes to hang me, lol.


I’m agree like lolosnow

🖒That’s right ! Thx lolosnow !

Players leaving is a natural thing. In particularly relatively young alliances can have unstable periods. The older your alliance gets, the more stable it’s membership will become. Simply because over time, the leavers are weeded out and the stayers stay.

Do not be concerned that players leaving isn’t noticed by SG. They have server data. They are well aware of any shifts in their player population, of trends in player retention and of the points in a player’s life where they are more prone to leave.

If anything, consider the slow but steady increase in means to gather additional ascension mats as a sign they’ve noticed the trickle of these mats needs to be a bit faster as well.


Developers . be prudent pay attention . to this post about helping you not to lose your players and new people. We want to play. But do not want to see. how our efforts and money depreciate the greed From your side.

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Kehittäjille. ole varovainen, huomioikaa. tähän viestiin auttaa sinua pelaamasta pelaajia ja uusia ihmisiä. Haluamme pelata. Mutta en halua nähdä. miten ponnistuksemme ja rahat ovat jääneet

I do not agree. I think people are stopping to play the game, because they get bored and playing intensively over a year is a lot for a game.

We all know the odds of receiving good items and i am totally fine with it. Sometimes I get nothing for weeks and then several items within 2 days. Checking my roster, I realize I received a lot over the past year and I am totally happy with it.

Why don’t we all try to find aspects in the game we like and happily play along until the item we need comes along? Why do we focus on complaining all the time instead of appreciating, what we have here?

Now, let’s play a MiniMindGame: imagine you would have received all good heroes plus all ascencion items you need withing 2 months. Would you still be playing the game?


Hi @LadyXeliara (I’m Red Orc’s on Anchor Cove),

regarding your MiniMindGame, many would then complain that they are not getting enough feeder and trainer heroes to level up their fancy 5* heroes fast enough :wink:


Hey RedOrc,

Exactly, or complain, that it is sooo boring, not even a distinction between the players.

It shows once more: happiness is inside you or it is nowhere :slight_smile:


Hello. I totally agree with lolosnow. Some are lucky it’s good for you. But I do not think that’s the case for everyone. I play since almost the beginning of the game and I see more and more old stopped because of demotivation due to the lots.

I am not complaining.

I am one of the very lucky players.
I’m barely free to play and i have a pretty good team and a big ascension items stock.

I’m just worried about a lot of friends, very old players stop this game.

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Completely right! A lot of us have already paid to have heroes and It is very demotivating to not be able to level up them… Be able to level up at least 2 5⭐️ of each color in a year is a minimum to have the feeling to move forward. Your game is really good, the best I have ever played on mobile and the first I accept to pay to have some better heroes to deal with. You works hard and already makes a lot a very smart adjustments (alliance war matching, power…) but you really need to work on the loot to keep your players.
Maybe an option could be to can take back materials to old 5⭐️ less used to level up new ones and play with them?
Thanks for your concern.
Actarus (more than 1 year player)

It’s pretty simple really…

Let mv/elemental/monster/raid/war/titan chests contain only ascension or battle items, scaling accordingly to level of participation or whatever algorithm is deemed best, and let crafting items as well as basic ascension items remain to be farmed in the open world, the rarity of which scales with the difficulty of the province.

I guess it’s already been mentioned or even thought of by the developers… Guess they’re greedy for $$$ from all the desperate players out there… Me included… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So some players have been spending money and building rosters for over a year, but have only just noticed that the ascension items are rare, and stopping their progress?

Even though they’re already well enough equipped to regularly A+ the strongest titans currently available in the game?

And they are also complaining that they’re not getting rare crafting materials from the first three provinces of season 2, even though they’re not getting them from S1 provinces 1-3 either?

I suspect Jeu Et Honneurs players are just sulking that they can no longer use raid shields to camp in the top 5 for days on end. If they didn’t forsake their raids chests for a week they might have a few more ascension items.

Nothing to see here.