Players completing POV too early - bug or hack

There are 19 days and 16 hours left for POV and some players are already done and are getting the bonus chests. How is this possible? My next level is 44 and the only challenges that I have left are War, Summons, and Daily. There haven’t been enough wars or dailies to complete those challenges. I could complete the last summon for 1625 points but that only bumps me up one level. Either my score is either being calculated incorrectly low or other players scores and POV points are being calculated incorrectly high or players are using a hack to get to POV bonus chests. Please look into this. Thank You

I think they have been mercing to complete the titans challenge early. They can’t be done with war attacks or dailies.

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I am done Titan as well

Then I don’t know how they’re doing it. With a finite number of points available, I’m not too worried about people being ahead of me. I’m 45 points from level 43 myself. I need to finish titans (V 0/9), dailies (on IX 3/27) and war (on IV 12/24).

Normally I wouldn’t but now players have already completed and are getting bonus chests.

Buying the Elite Valor Pass gives the player 9000 points immediately. This plus completing the Titan should be just enough to reach level 50. How many points do you still need from Level 44?


Yep. That’s it. Knew I was missing something.

ok, that must be it. I bought the Valor Pass but not the Elite. Thx

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I bought the elite pass with +9k valor points and after the first day I was sitting at level 22. After my dismal results of the “high loot” chest I likely wont buy it again since this time around was purchased inadvertently by my daughter.

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Considering it’s 30 bucks, I’m almost afraid to ask… how dismal are we talking?

It is not 30 for the chance to get the higher chance chest on the paid side. It is the 9.99 offer which gets you everything on the paid side as far as you reach. The 30 offer gives additional other items plus a point boost but doesn’t change possible chest contents.

Yes, they use money hack :joy:

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