Players can attack you when online!?


I was playing for 10-15 min and then came this note that someone attacked me on raid 2 min ago, i think we can’t be attacked when we are online, or am i wrong?


This can happen two ways:

  1. You are in the top 100. You can be attacked anytime.

  2. You are not in the top 100. The actual attack started before you came online and the message is delayed getting to you. This happens frequently to me. shrug


I think that player has rolled you up while you are offline but he didn’t attack at once and hold it for a reason then attacked while you are online.
System wont prevent him in that case … I had a friend of mine in arena and he was seting by my side so he fast open his game to prevent me from the attack … but the system allowed me to take the hit. Even the battle ended after he was already online.