Player was online 7h ago - but is not available for revenge!

I am trying the whole day to fight back in a raid for revenge, the player‘s information says „last activity 7 hours ago”, but when I want to start fighting back for revenge, it says “player is not available at the moment”! I made screenshots and a video to be able to prove it.
Please fix this immediately!!
Thanks.! P.S.: Happened now with different other players, too! Uploaded another screenshot. Video format is not accepted, so made two more screenshots, now showing the player was online the last time 8 hours ago, next showing, he is still not available.

I tried to upload the video, but it’s not allowed; apparently only gifs are allowed.

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He hasn’t updated to the latest version yet.

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No, that’s not it, in that case I would not be able to see his team and it would say “version not supported”; also others have the same issue. This is unfair! Makes it impossible to take revenge!!

Nope. It‘s update issue. You will experience around the update phase but no longer…

And here we go again… same thing - no revenge possible, player not online, but still unavailable… #annoying

Check the text. It says he is playing on different version of the game