Player war participation

" * Players can only participate in the war if they were in the alliance before the preparation phase started" game rulles
I was in an alliance few minutes before preparation phase begins. When time was out, I become a spectator.
I’d like to know how can you explain this as time my defence team was completely set for war participatin
Kind regards

Did you join before the matching begun? If not, maybe the matching was already done when you joined.

I was in alliance with more than 10 min before

Were you there 10 minutes before matchmaking or 10 minutes before preparation phase?

10 min before preparation phase begin

It’s the matchmaking period that is so important to watch for. Once that clock has run out it’s too late to be included.

The preparation phase is for when you’ve already been included in the match making.

A week ago one of the alliance members left for a few minutes and returned back. It happened after the war began. But the funny thing was that after all this he participated in the war. His defence team was active, and he killed some targets. Is that something new?