Player unfavorable

What is the reason the game is being unfavorable to me? I have been playing for more than 7 months and only have a handicap at all. In the attacks, in the battles with titans always leaves and do 0 of damage and mainly in the summons and training. I’d like it if my account could be reviewed

@Brobb, oh that mind; that awesome mind.

@Brobb I called her name 3x in Finnish and appeared a little pink clothes and jump. The next time I try another language because it came out monster.
thanks !

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English please @Lyh
20 characters

Without more information on your line-up (which heroes are you using, in what circumstances?), it would be impossible to advise you.

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Thanks to all who responded, especially to @Rook , but I see that I searched for the wrong place has some who love to appear to help clear doubts. It was great the experience, good to leave and never use it here. It is of no use and worse than the possibility of blocking a person without a notion. Unfortunately it becomes a vague tool! :kissing_heart:


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