Player translation of new summond

So. Version 38 notes are out.
For your new event portals.
The chance to summon a trainer hero is up by 5.5 percent.
The chance to summon a season 1 hero is down by 1 percent.
Surreptitiously (and likely intentionally) left out is that the 4.5 percent net increase in season 1 and trainer heroes results in, you guessed it, a further 4.5 percent decrease in event or new heroes.

So now, when you summon specifically for these new heroes, you will get one (3 4 OT 5 star) approximately one every 5.5 pulls, instead of 1 every 4 pulls as was before.

Once again. Can we get any information on the thought process in the minds of the developers (or whoever made this decision), as to why they believed this would be the type of change that players want?

Also, while they are at it. Can we get the thoughts from whoever thought frigg needed a nerf but morel was good to go out of qc to test as not overpowered? From a logical standpoint, these types of changes genuinely raise either competency or integrity questions for me, possibly both. And I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat.

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It looks to me as though 3* trainer went up 5% and 3* classic went down 5%. Net change: less low-cal feeders, more fat feeders. 4* trainer went down 4% while classsic 4* went up by 4%. Net change: the beginning players who complained that 4* trainers were hurting them because they still need the 4* classic heroes can be mollified.

It is pretty clear that they are never going to make a portal where the S1 heroes are truly eliminated, and events are traditionally the worst place to get anything special. (0.2% per 5* in the classic ones). The best we could hope for would be S2 heroes being mixed into the S1 pool, but that seems unlikely because new players are still earning Atlantis coins for finishing the levels for the first time.

So I don’t find it terribly shocking or unusual.


I’m not seeing any mention of a Frigg nerf in the notes.

I don’t think the summon chances reduced the odds of drawing event heroes at all. They just shifted chances around between trainer heroes & vanillas.

There is no change on event hero apperance rates compared to any other challange events.

Here are the summod odds in Teltoc from the proper topic:

Odds for Season 1 hero: 85.4

From Circus event Beta beat topic:

Odds for Season 1 hero: 74.4

You can see the event hero odds are the same as usual (so very low), and the addition of the Trainer hero are reduduced the Season 1 hero odds.

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Uh Wot?

Not wanting to say it too bluntly but… You’re wrong.

No change in the “event” hero odds what-so-ever:



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