Player stuck attacking in war but offline for hours

This is happening to me right now. I won a war battle, the game displayed a connection error, and now lists the opponent as Target is already under attack. Still able to attack other opponents, but we lost 40 points and we won’t be able to flip the board until this gets resolved.

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Usually it seems to be fixed by the player in question closing the app completely and re-logging in again…?

We’re having the same issue right now. It’s been going on for about 30 minutes. Logging out and back in didn’t solve it.

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@Guvnor, additional bits of info. Alliance mate in question have used all his flags, and none of the six flags were used to attack the opposing team in question.

Since he is stuck, no one can target the team and looks like we would lose this war just because there is no one else on the field to attack.

Have already restarted his game and device.

Did not have any connection or disconnection issues.

Seem to be missing a tally for war hits on his pov path, despite having used all war flags.

Have already submitted ticket, but not sure if they will get to it before war ends.

Same issues, and it’s going to cost us a war

I won’t accept that the responsibility lies with the individual. Midweek wars are terrible for American alliances. They begin and end overnight. Responsible individuals should be sleeping, not being nagged in the hope that they’ll wake up, hard close the game, and let the rest of the alliance attack.

67 flags were stranded. The war ended at 5 am my time.

There needs to be a developer solution to this problem. All raids and war attacks should be hard kicked after 10 minutes. A glitch shouldn’t affect Path of Valor, War Chest, war results, and war loot of up to 60 users in a 24-hour blitz period. This is definitely not fair.

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To us the same thing happened to us.

And there was no solution.
The session was closed, game data was deleted, the application was uninstalled …
Nothing gave a solution and we lost the war and leaving many flags without being able to use

Hey guys;

I can honestly only offer the above advice on a personal level.

Anything more will need to be communicated with the support team; to do that you will need to follow the instructions detailed here: How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Be specific with the details etc…

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I do not understand. What is the error section for then?

According to the image, the failures must be reported by this means.

Isn’t it considered a failure that the same thing happens to many people?

Check the image again…

#bugs-issues is A way of reporting bugs but like I said, the most direct way of reporting them is via support team. The team does monitor the Forum but action is typically slower as it goes thru the player attempts to resolve compared to if it goes directly to the team.

Well the image is not clear then …

For me it is not the same to report a bug than to request support.

The “fault” is of the game.
“Support” is a personal need or request


I didn’t develop the image but have always found it quite clear and easy to understand.

Remember that this is a COMMUNITY forum (Says it in Capital Letters at the top of every page)… The forum is almost entirely populated and run by players like you and me (all us moderators are just volunteer players)… Conversely, Support is ENTIRELY run by staff…
One is obviously much more direct in terms of communicating with staff (Hint; it’s not the forum…).

Your choice ultimately if you contact support about it or not.

I’ve exhausted anything else I can do.

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Several hours before the end of the war a player was branded in attack.
No one could attack again since it was the last team alive …

We were winning the war and obviously we lost it because of this failure.

Sorry to hear that.
It seems that you have experienced similar problem as the ones reported in this thread:

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I am not blaming you, my friend!

I’m just making the difference between a bug and a support. (In my opinion)

Specifically on this failure I do not think it is worth a long task with the support (It is not usually very fast and effective)
I’d rather rest my mind than have to get angry not only for losing the war, but also for not receiving answers jajajajaja

And sorry for my bad English, I speak Spanish!

Well in my head here is the logic:

Bugs get fixed by Developers
Developers are staff
Thus you want to communicate bugs to staff
Direct means of communicating with staff is the support team

Thus the fastest & most direct means of communicating bugs is to the Support Team who can then forward on to Developers.

Reporting to the forum adds another 2-3 steps in the middle; gets there eventually (hopefully) but no guarantees :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve tried pinging staff via other means to alert them to this thread. see what happens…

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Thanks. I hope there’s an update to this. I’ll message them as well. This happened today with 45 min left to war and it prevented us from flipping the board!

Whilst playing, I set up a team to attack and then the battle field closed. When I went back in it told me I was attacking and world not let me attack anyone else.

! I got disconnected when I was attacking (the attack didn’t started ) and now none can target him again

Same thing happened to me.
Cannot even attack anyone else as it shows “unknown target” error message.

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