Player still online after 9 hrs

Armyanchik OF THE ALLIANCE CCCP is still online. Retired to revenge him. What gives?

I’ve had days where I’m on from 9am through midnight when I go to bed…it happens sometimes.

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Yup :slight_smile: I am currently on sick leave with a broken arm … so I am also online a lot :wink: Cannot … and should not … do anything else …


Nearly 24 hrs no break guy must be superhuman doesn’t need to eat sleep or toilet.

if it’s someone who’s really online like D***** (cheater cheater pumpkin eater) used to be, report to devs and they can take a look, though if it’s not on the leaderboard, I’m not sure how much they’re going to care. Just pick a new raid target.

The Devs do care about cheating. Please report along with any screenshots you have along with the times you have tried to Revenge.

(You aren’t rechecking every minute, are you? Is it possible you missed him/her? Just a thought.)

According to tower he has been active more than a day. No I dont try every minute. I’ve tried prob 6 times over the past day. Have reported it. Don’t need another Desper. That’s why I have mentioned it.

I’m just saying I play on/off all day long. If someone only checks six times (or 10 times), I’m very likely on, though not on every minute.

Is it possible they are the same? muses

Dang, Dante! Always so hard core!

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Still shows he’s on. I must be un lucky then that every time I check he’s on. D FINE DON’T FING CHECK till others come up against him.
Sick of being told I’m lying.

To know that he is online that much… You need to be online that much.

Isn’t it?

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No one said you’re lying. Only that there’s a chance you are mistaken. Not the same thing.

By all means report this player. Only SG will know for sure if you are correct.

Like Rook said, no one has said you’re lying, but for example, most weekdays I get up at 7am Central time and generally go to bed about midnight. I’m generally active on the phone most of those waking hours, unless I’m in a client meeting, in the car, having dinner, or putting the kids to bed. So if you had similar waking hours as me, you’d only have a few short windows each day to catch me offline. If you only checked at 6 random times, it’s highly likely I’d be online without resorting to any sort of bot-like cheating. That may be the case for this player as well.

But like Rook mentioned, go ahead and log a ticket if you want and someone will look at it.


He was still on after two days without a breAK I am on 16 hrs a day but do have breaks where I am raided this guy never updated in the time he was supposed to be playing. Never took breaks. Very suspicious.

How do you know he never took breaks? That’s what we’re saying. Unless you were hounding him every minute, you don’t know…you only suspect.

If you suspect someone of cheating, by all means report him/her and let SG sort it out.

Exactly, unless you are clicking inside your tower trying to revenge all 16 hours straight, it’s very possible he went away for 30 min lunch and you weren’t clicking on him.

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