Player Score

Hey guys, after reading alliance leaders complains, and witnessing a few unethical behaviours myself, I wonder if it may be a good idea to have a Player Score.

Just like alliances get scores for fighting wars and defeating titans, a player score may be a good way to encourage positive behaviours from the players.

Such score can be affected by undesirable behaviour, like leaving an alliance during preparation/war.

Same thing wiht, let’s say, staying in an alliance longer gives you (or lets you keep) points.

Also, whenever someone leaves an alliance, leader might be able to “qualify” the player, affecting that score.

Did not think of all the details, but I’d say it’s worth it to give it a thought.

What do you guys think?

Unfortunately this would also affect others that don’t change for the suggested reasons so no not feasible.

This issue is not that easy to solve without it affecting everyone and penalizing everyone for changing alliances isn’t an option.

Players that do these things will always find ways around it and thus keep doing it, it’s like games that can be manipulated by hackers, you can’t stop them all.

It’s like cup droppers, it’s all about securing/filling reward chest faster.

Just accept it and keep having fun.

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