Player question - research/builds and opening thread

Cant figure out how to post a new topic, please forgive placement.
The guide says that you only have to level up one of your buildings like crafting and training. And that all your like buildings can do the same as your high level building…this is not so in actuality. Is wiki wrong or is it a glitch?

You have to complete the tutorial before you can post your own thread. I can’t remember how to kick it off. @rook @Coppersky can you give this player a leg-up?

Your buildings can only go to the same level as your stronghold - the big castle. What level is your stronghold?

The guide talks about researching, not building. You don’t need to do the research for new levels every building, but you need to level up every building to be able to produce that level. For example, once you reach TC 14, you can train Rare and Epic heroes, but first, you need to research that level, spending food and wasting time.

Afterwards, when your second TC gets to 14, you can only train the heroes, no need to research again.

And you have to reply @discobot to start tutorial.

Posting a new topic:

New users have restrictions removed as soon as they reach Trust Level 1, and receive the badge “Basic”.

This is accomplished by doing all of the following:

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No one notified me this had changed… :thinking:


Does that mean not having to do all that tutorial with the robot anymore?

I will ask… :slight_smile:

EDIT: Per Petri, You don’t need to complete the tutorial to post topics, but you need to do the following (trust level 1 is needed to create topics):

"Get to trust level 1 by…

  • entering at least 5 topics
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  • spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts"

Thanks for the info Rook. I was wondering why I couldn’t create any post.

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