Player on overlapping another player in war - The Cuddle Bug

This happened today and has not happened before. I took two screenshots. The first is from when it happened and the second is after I closed the app and started it again. It didn’t fix the problem. It fixed when the alliance got reset


Can we please call this the Cuddle Bug?


That’s a new one on me.

I mean, except on real life, where I constantly hide behind people in conflict situations.

Could both teams be attacked?

And are you playing in splitscreen or anything unusual?

I had a floating Viv once in split screen


Nope, nothing unusual. I had just finished attacking (won) someone just to the right that player.
I moved the screen to the left and it happened.

I COULD select the person below if I clicked the left part of the name.

I use Samsung Galaxy S7 if that also helps


We had that happen a couple of times. I like the idea of calling it the “cuddle bug”.

A player on FB showed their opponent with one of the teams in the woods! It’s not that easy to escape being targeted :grin:


Seconded and added to the title.

@notyou87, I hope that’s ok? Congratulations on discovering a new species of bug.


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