Player offline

Top 100 ever Attack or nao???


People in the top 100 can be attacked at any time, even if they are online.

I know, go and explain to the game developers that they go to preferences !!!

Hello, i cant add new topic, please help. I have screenshots - my main building is on 4lvl, but I cant build house building :confused: (4lvl is the requirement)

Ah. I see. For some reason Chrome is intermittent for me when loading some images, so I missed the context of your original post when they didn’t display at first.
It looks like it could be a bug, or it could be slow updating of the character sheet. The one and only time I got into the top 100, the list didn’t have time to update to show my name before I got raided back down out of there. It’s possible that your opponent got kicked out of the top 100 but the page you were seeing hadn’t updated yet.
I’d suggest reporting it as a bug, if only because the score displays should update faster than they seem to when it’s data relevant to raiding and revenge. The link at the bottom of the following page would let you contact customer service directly.

For some reason you can only build certain types of buildings on particular sites, but you can move any building anywhere once it’s built. There are IIRC two site types. Try moving your existing buildings about until you find the other empty site type, and see if you can build there.