Player of the Month

Currently the leaderboards are the result of the number of trophies you own in the game. This solution has some advantages and disadvantages and it isn’t a perfect solution. The system in the current form is flawed.

What is my idea?

To answer this question we need to ask a different question - what is the end goal in the game? So far the game doesn’t have the end goal. You may play and spend forever and you won’t receive anything except fame, glory, recognition etc. The game needs to have an end goal for the players.

So my idea is to change leaderboards and choose the player of the month in the game - a player that will excel the game in many aspects - not only in raids and trophies. In every month there should be a new leaderboards section to make sure that the best player will be chosen at the end of every month. If I look at the leaderboards, I would like to see the best players in the game (not the ones that are logged forever into the game).

For the new system of player leaderboards (that would also affect alliance score) I propose the variation of points for different competitions during a month:

a) number of trophies - as it is today - the important change: average number of trophies for all days in a month

b) points for finishing high in weekly tournaments (for let’s say top 1000 players in each of the weekly tournaments - the higher you finish - the more points you have got)

c) points for finishing high in events like Knights of Avalons/Pirates/Riddles etc. (again - for top 1000 in rare, epic and legendary) - more points that in weekly tournaments as we should value events higher

d) points for ninja tower (not in every month)

e) points for mythic titans (individually for top 1000 in single hit and total damage)

f) points for gaining experience during a particular month (for example 1 000 000 experience collected = 1 point / 10 points etc.)

The new player score and player position at the leaderboards would include all those categories. Player score would also be included in alliance score (today only trophies are included).

This solution would give us the answer to the question who is currently the top player in the game.

That would also change the positions of alliances.

The best players in every month would be given huge rewards.

For example player of the month could get in the game (just few ideas):

a) an available 5* hero he/she wants (I want Finley - I get Finley for being best in the month)

b) huge number of diamonds like 100k

c) 500-1000 emblems of each kind

d) unique avatar to remember this accomplishment

e) level 30 troops of color and type he/she wants

Players that will finish for example in top 100 in a month could also get nice rewards.

Another idea is that player of the month could get real money - which be an end goal for many players to be able to earn money for playing their favourite game.

Good solutions for players - many competitive players will get an important goal in the game.

Average and new players will get an information who is currently the best player in the game and they could learn how did they finish to be there.

Good solutions for SmallGiant - people will spend more money to be able to finish higher - they will earn a lot even after they give players nice rewards.

My impression is that a-e is basically the same people. Whales with all the toys that burn gems and flasks to achieve their rankings in pretty much every event. So, in essence, a random member of the current top 500 would get monthly lavish riches which will cut their spending by .1%


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