Player Nevers goes inactive


So I have been in the top 5 for the last few days and have noticed that player [censored] has not logged off in quite sometime. He is using a click bot I’m pretty sure. The click bot allows your screen to stay active and make it believe that their is someone actually pushing on the screen. Please look into this, because this should actually be classified as cheating and I believe his triphies should be removed to zero. Cheating is cheating. How are you supposed to attack someone when they have a bot running the game for them… thanks.


Sorry but I am very new in the game, but is it a role that say you can’t attack an activ player?
When I some times visit active player I get an in game message: “Player is active do you still want to atack? yes or no”.

Is it an disadvantage to atack an activ player?
The player that is activ can’t influence the atack in any way, the only thing I can think of must be the Iron and food winnings. He/she can emty the tower befor atack over.

Or is it something I have missed in the game roules?


The game doesnt allow you to attack another player that is currently online(unless in chat, map etc).

So staying online for long-long-crazy long periods at a stretch allows you to maintain your cups when competing for leader position.


The text is actually “do you want to reroll” or similar. Can’t attack while they’re online but you can choose another opponent.

The rumor is they are working on fixing it somehow; I don’t know what form that fix will take… there’s a number of different threads running both in public and apparently private boards on this forum about the issue.


Just sucks that this individual is cheating the system and they know about it and have done nothing to fix it.


The issue is the devs have already been on record saying using an emulator is fine. The player is obviously using a macros to stay on.

Devs could easily say using a macros goes against their ToS and give [censored] a chance to stop.

The zeitgeist will take care of the rest.


And this is why they are losing players. It will probably be the end of my playing if this behavior keeps up from the devs. Any emulator let alone (bots) should be against the rules. They are basically telling folks that it is ok to cheat the game and system.


Emulators of the Android operating system aren’t the problem: that’s simply not how the technology works; using scripts of various types to keep one logged in is the issue… and you can do it on Android as well and probably even IOS using some non-mainstream trickery.

SG has told people they’re working to fix it, give them a little credit and offer a little patience?


While emulators such as Bluestacks are currently not prohibited, any kind of software that infers the service or gains you advantage is strictly forbidden and is a violation of our Terms of Service. We want to keep the game fair for everyone and we don’t tolerate any form of cheating.

We cannot disclose details of any individual cases but rest assured we are investigating any suspicious activity reported and will act appropriately.

I would remind everyone that naming and shaming is not allowed on the forum. For any speficic player reports, we would ask to send a support request through here:


A little credit and patience is funny. I can give them the credit in making the game. They should of left the game like it was originally before all of these changes they made. The game was more enjoyable and the raids were more fair in my opinion. A TP of 3200 couldn’t beat a TP of 4000. Now you can have a TP of 2897 beat a 4100 TP. (Just happened). Rule of thumb, if it’s not broken don’t try and fix it.


I seriously doubt that.

More likely you had someone like me who runs a cup dropping or maintenance defense and actually has close to 5x80. 3000 isn’t even 5x70 with some levels on 3* troops.

If you are in the top 20 or whatever they’d never even have gotten high enough to pull you otherwise.

For giggles look at how long they’ve been in their current alliance, it’ll probably either be a while (long time player) or short (merc) would be my guess. I would like replays of people’s attacks though, just sayin :).


Actually I allowed myself to fall in cups. Yes a lvl 16 with that team power defeated me. You call someone a liar and try to insult them, does that make you feel like a big man? Lol. Kid I suggest you watch what and whom you say it too


Sigh, I did not call you a liar, I said I seriously doubt a team of that power beat your A team. RIF. I also said you have absolutely no idea just like the rest of us what you got hit with: there are no replays dude.

Finally, what’s the time stamp? Sometimes the attack log comes out of order, it may still have been with your cup dropping team up.

Lots of explanations beyond the power disparity. Anyway I’m done replying at this point.


Thank God. You just did us all a favor.


Someone needs a snickers bar


Keeping things civil is an art, y’all. I appreciate that we dont know what’s going behind the scenes while the Devs investigate and correct this.


How can you see the power of the team that hit you? As far as I know, you can see someone’s defense team. That could be an entirely different team then the one user to raid you, doesn’t it?


I didn’t have the team. One of my clan mates just showed the video of his team destroying another team. Smf