[Player Name] has summoned [Legendary Hero] addition to all alliance chats

Every player who levels up will show the level they’ve leveled up to in the alliance chat. Since that’s a thing, I would say that those who have summoned a certain Legendary Hero could be shown in the chat as well. Just so that way we won’t have to say it in the chat for everyone to know.

While this would be cool, I’m guessing that there are a lot of spenders that don’t want this advertised in the group chat.


Let people turn it off, or have the default off and people can turn it on

That was my initial thoughts, too. I bet whales who dont want to be branded as such would be leaving the alliance when they are pulling heroes, especially if they are in an alliance whose members mostly dont spend a ton in the game. They may return to their previous alliance… or not. Those who are in the alliance may have an idea why certain players are leaving all of a sudden only to come back after a few minutes.

Too hard for developers… For 4 years they can’t add wave counter and chat with normal emoji. This forum is a cemetery of player’s ideas and opinions.


Shots fired for the wave counter