Player missing

Hello, I cant looking a new entry profile.

I wish i could help, but I’m unsure what is the issue is?!

@Sarah2 I guess, the problem is about the 10/30 players shown in top of the screen and only 9 players listed in the players list. :thinking:

Ok, that’s interesting. Have you tried restarting the game? Else, it might be a strange form of blocking list bug?

Was a new player entering your alliance? Could it be that this player is on your blocking list (although you should see it in the alliance list)?


The problem is that a new player has entered but I cannot see the profile

Yes I do it but not have resolve it…no, She is not in my black list

Can you read any messages of the new player? If not, she might have changed the name after added on your block list. Anyway, you should see her profile in the players list.
Maybe someone else has a better idea of what 's going on there? If not so, you might have to contact the support team.

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Miss that! Nobody knows this player and if you look the ally list Pic miss only the new

She dont have write nothing Indeed

To clarify this once again: There is a new player in your alliance? How do you know? Can you see the entry message, titan hits of the new player or something likewise? Or might the bug be, that the player counter shows an incorrect number? :crazy_face:

Immagination! Yes a message in ally chat and list of members altered…

I see 9/30 right now

Perhaps it was just a visual bug. The alliance does show 9/30 now.

problem solved! It was a system bug. the player entered and left immediately but did not appear on the screen. the management of the screen has gone into crisis

Have alls a nice day