Player Level progress visible for alliance

Can we have please at the Alliance screen a progress bar showing the „player“ level of each member? Just visible for members.
Like this:

What level are you asking for, cup, global etc?

As those both already exist

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I drawn in a bar of the player level
This one:

Why? I don’t understand why this is needed?

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If you, as a leader or co leader have to decide to let a Titan flee because you wouldn’t beat him, you could change your mind if 1 or 2 do have an level up.
This would help to shorten down the communication. Some people are not available at the right time anyway…

Makes no sense why you would need to know that. It has nothing to do with killing a titan nor is it important to anyone other than the player it belongs to.

You can also already see the players level by the number on their avatar.

If a player is smart they will 1) arrange for the new level to activate once they have used all their stored flags. 2) usually, well at least in our allience a member will say if they are about to level up when it comes time to decide if the titan needs to be let go or not. For us it’s an alliance community vote/decision and everyone knows when to speak up.


@Ozy1 it doesn’t exactly make no sense…if I might use a double negative. Sometimes people are online at different times or forget…

:+1: :thinking: :roll_eyes:

You just can’t beat human nature. Working together requires all hands on beck.


It makes perfectly sense while counting a minimum of 3 Attacks more to the Titan.

It seem you are either a low level player or a high level player in an alliance which kills every 12* which came up.

We beat 11* Titans without any problems but if we came up to 12* it became more difficult and we have to stop the Titan fight and let them escape to be full of flags ones the new will appear.
It is therefore essential to know if players would bring forward his/her up or have to wait for the next to come. In every high level alliance there is a level stop if the Titan is stoppt or not appeared. Shortly explained, you are only allowed to level if a Titan is expected to defeat. To prevent unused flags.

The Titan bottles in this alliances are also restricted and only allowed to use if the leaders are allow the use.
Call it recourse management, fairness, coordinations, whatever to allow everyone in the alliance to do the same amount of attacks and a guarantee the Titan gets defeat within the timeframe.

Sometimes a Titan can be defeat with 1-3 bottles, and if a player could have an up, you can save one of this rare drinks. And coordinate the attacks to Accrual stopp the Titan until the up is doe from the player and save some flags of others to get potentially into the next one with 2 or 3 flags.

Therefore it is necessary to know who stays in front of an up.

There is a similar thread requesting a way for leadership to monitor how many flags people are holding, to help to decide whether or not to release a titan.

If I understand what you’re requesting, you are asking for a way to monitor how close alliance members are to levelling up, so that you can better manage the extra titan flags, rather than use titan flasks and to decide whether or not to release a titan? I find people will let you know if they’re about to level up. Not sure whether leadership also monitoring this information is the best use of leadership time.

As @Ozy1 suggests… Player Level progress visible for alliance
communication is the key, and I’m not sure the added feature you are suggesting will add anything.

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You got it.

Adding this feature would be beneficial for leaders. I can’t see a reason why a player wouldn’t share this information but if he don’t it is still the opportunity to add a activation button in the profile to share or not to share it.

Why should we seek access into player profile page? You mean just to view the experience level progress and hence be able to prod player to level up so as to gain Titan energy or not?

C’mon guys this can be achieved by mere communication within the Alliance? All the leader needs to do is to ask any of the player who is closed to leveling up, to urgently do so, so that extra Titan flag could be gained., and if there is no response so be it, if a Titan escaped, you can always kill another, it is a game.

If we keep asking for leaders to have access to this and access to that, the leader might as well take over any of the members account and play his game :smile:, that is joke actually.

But seriously this game has been played for more than two years or so if I am correct and Titans are been defeated successfully without the need for such infringing feature, so why now?

I should think a good communication within the Alliance can ordinarily take care of this.


You can never capture all players, and there will always be a leak of communication.
Especially if some players are not in Line and not frequently online in the game to see all the messages to answer.

As I highlighted above, a button can be introduced to allow the player to share the bar with the alliance or not.

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I understand what your saying and we the same when someone is at 2% left to level up to maximise hits.
But as you say here

This is always gonna happen as it doesn’t matter what level your at there is always going to be a titan that needs to be let go due to lack of flags, if it’s not this one it will be the next. High, mid or low level doesn’t matter as the flags provided in the game only allow for so much and the rest is about using flasks.

We all got it I think but we just don’t see the need for SG to introduce this when alliences are created to work as a team thus in the process communicate as one rather than have the leader make all the decisions and control every member.

Personally if your having these issues I’d simply call it a lack of communication within your alliance and nothing more.


Lets imagine this is introduced for a sec and those same players as you say aren’t always on because they have a life to attend to outside this game.

Are you going to boot them out because you as the leader decided they should of leveled up and since they didn’t come on and listen to your demands thus the titan escaped so they are outed.

As I always say an allience leader is there to help 29 other players and make that allience pleasant and fair for every member thus why I agree to the option for leaders to opt none hitters or knowingly unavailable players from AW’s only because this action affects every other member in that allience during that war and feel thise players don’t deserve the rewards when every other member did alm the work, but even then we give 1 warning and if it happens again your booted , but when it comes to actually controlling each player it then becomes a different story and thus I disagree with anything and everything to do with leaders gaining control.

So yes I do get it +++++++

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Thanks for your feedback, If you destroy all the ideas with such comments to see just the bad things and hate against.
Do me a favor @Ozy1 and never gonna reply to my post. Thanks in advance

Lol, never destroy ideas, never destroyed your comments either just help you see the light, nothing more.

@zephyr1 please close this thread.

Alrighty, closing as requested.

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