Player Level & Leaderboard

The player level should count towards the rank.

Decrease the amount of trophies by 2 per level capped to 150.

So someone who’s level 40 would get a 20 cup advantage over someone who’s level 50?

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Exactly what I meant.

Does that disadvantage f2p because they don’t buy WE and so may level up slower and take a lot longer to get the heroes for each tier?

Why should these 2 things be connected?

Who cares about cups at all…
But I want to stay above 2400 without issues, for the chest.
Why should I then lose already 132 cups just for my level?
It doesn’t make sense at all, in my opinion.

U dont like big cups?
Bigger the better i always say


It’s more impressive to see a lvl40 on the board than a 70+.

My suggestion would be an advantage up to lvl 75, no matter if f2p or p2w or c2p or whale.

So under lvl 75 would gain 2 cups per level
Over lvl 75 would lose 2 cups per level?

-2 per level cap 150 cups :innocent:

What is C2P? I’ve never figured out that acronym.

Creep 2 Play :partying_face:

…cheap…cheap :hatching_chick:

All the jargon is defined here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much.

I don’t see the point. Could you clarify what this would help achieve?

I’ve been in the 30s and got on the leaderboard and frankly it was just a matter of how many raid flasks I wanted to use (2) and just not getting awful boards during the run. It really was not impressive in the slightest.

Those who stay top 100 despite having open season on them as far as raid attacks. Those players are impressive.

Edit: For clarity, not being sarcastic…genuinely curious.


It would advance lower level players on the leaderboard.

For example a lvl 64 with 2880 raided cups would be shown on the board with a drop of 128 cups (2752). A player at lvl 41 with 2880 would have 2798 cups on the board. (2880 - 82)

2 cups penalty per level.
Max penalty 150.
Got it?

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What would the level threshold be to separate getting a cup boost or cup drop?

Personally, I’m not a fan of penalizing players who’ve put in time, effort (money?) to get to where they are. Nor am I a fan of encouraging more people to look at leaderboard/cups as a measurable of whether a player is good or not (not sure if that was your intent, just musing through a pessimistic lens of the general community).

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Could start @lvl10 and end @lvl75 with an everlasting penalty of 150. Below it wouldn’t be helpful and above everybody should be able to field almost similar threats.

It wouldn’t harm anything, since everybody would only see their lvl-cleaned cup amount.

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