Player left the alliance during the war

One of our players left our alliance during the battle. Her team vanished from the battlefield and her points were gone. The things didnt change when she came back. Is this right?

did her points really vanished? I mean her points may not show up on the scoring list, but if you add up all the other team mates points do you get your total score? From what I have seen, the game doesn’t remove the person pts from the team score, but does remove any listing of the player. And a player that joined after a war has started is a spectator, so can’t have any involvement in the war


Thank you, it seems that the points are still there, but are not listed as you say.

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Ok, another situation - a player leaves during the prep stage and comes back before the war. Will he take part in the war or be removed from the battlefield the moment he leaves and will not be a part of our battle?

I am quite sure that he won’t be able to participate. The system would just see him as new player who joined after preparation started.

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