Player coming back how to change old defense

Hi everyone! I didn’t play the game for a long time (at least one year) and now I’ve returned back playing daily.

My defense is not holding platinum anymore. Some suggestion on how to improve it? Some suggestion on formations?

Here my actual defense and main roster heroes:

Actual defense (standard formation):






I have other 5* not really worth right now, all without any costumes:
Misandra, Quintus, Obakan, Grimble, Isarnia, Leonidas, Domitia, Sartana, Khadilen

Thanks for the Help!

This is what I would choose in your position:

Level Heimdall up as fast as you can, he’s being used in defenses a lot more since you left. You barely see Telly’s anymore and then most of the time as a Flank.

Formation - Reverse V

Heroes left to right: Seshat - Inari (she’ll be getting a buff soon or may have already got one and dodgers are a big part of Meta right now) - Heimdall - Magni - Gefjon

Snipers on defense are being used less in favor of more recent AoE heroes. You could also sub out Gefjon for G. Kong since he’s gotten a buff from his original form.

That’s my two cents.

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Hard to argue with this. If you have emblems, maybe go Richard for Magni, but then again, if you had paladin emblems, you’d want them for Heimdall.

I probably wouldn’t, since Kong’s defense is abysmal, but he does hit really hard, at average speed, and now cleanses to boot. Gefjon can just hit so dang hard as a sniper, though.

I don’t have Kong but if his defense is garbage, you’re right, stick with Gefjon. Seems the buff they gave him is more suited to offense.

Thanks for the suggestions! Sure i saw i lot of things that changed and that was the main point of this post.
Formations for sure a big change too.

I was already tempted by Heimdall but my concern was to wait for another green (Lianna from TC20 or academy) to level as Telluria alredy is a Paladin green tank. Paladin Emblems should be taken from Telluria to Heimdall.

Telluria in Heimdall place for now could perform decent or not?

Just because i’m still not confident with the new formation what is the point of a slow mana tank in the middle of a reverse V?

Quesion: formation double with Mitsuko and Telluria tank and the fast snipers in the back is usable? If not why?


I have him as a result of an HA 10 retrain. Currently, mine is at 4^66, and his defense is only 571! He’s gonna hit like a truck, though. Super excited about him. You are right about him being a mostly offensive hero.

In offense I really like him, expeclially after he got the buff back in the days I was playing. With the addition of cleanse all ally he become more and more useful!

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From what I see, you lack a better green option for defense, so it’s this or run two of some color with no green at all in your defense.

IMO, there aren’t a lot of green heroes better than Heimdall, period. Lianna is good, but she’s not better than him.

Normally, that could be a concern, but considering that Heimdall has the chance to revive dead allies, a late fire can really screw up the attacker’s world.

Sounds pretty useable, and given your roster, I don’t see a lot of options I like better. Something built around Kunchen, if you have cleric emblems for him, might work as well. I always find him to be an annoying hero to face on defense. But then you have to double up in purple or leave Seshat on the bench, and those are not great options.

Thanks a lot for all the detailed replies!

About Heimdall I forgot about the revive possibility :sweat_smile:

I’ll try the double tank while i’ll prepare Heimdall.

Lianna is only the option for general usage not for defense as you have seen i don’t have this may good options on green. I have tonics only for one and this was my concern.

I’ll think about Kunchen too, i was using him a lot of time ago then Telluria replaced him and I used clerics emblem on Ringard.