Player challenge /raid search


Would like to see an option added to player profile to challenge / raid them. And / Or player search option with same ability…


I personally think that’s a bad idea, that would invite ganking. Better to have the randomized level playing field we currently have.


Allowing a player to challenge a specific player… Like a duel request… Rather than a gank…


I do not think this is a good idea. I could see it used to bully a particular player or alliance. Please leave it random.


@novacastrian: Cool, missunderstod you then! If the player has the option to decline it’s a totally different story! :slight_smile: Two thumbs up!


This is an awesome idea! If it is set up to keep the challenge optional, meaning you don’t have to take the challenge if you don’t want to, then this would be fun with out all the negativity.


Where do you read “the challenged player can refuse the duel”?

I didn’t see that, and I still think this is a bad idea.


I didn’t get too specific… Think in terms of a duel. The challenged player can refuse… And make it a LIVE ONLY challenge, so no AI…


Well those two limiters make it sound more interesting. Any takers?


Even if they make a “challenge lobby” where a player goes and gets put in a quee for a random live turn based challenge…


That alone would probably chew through the financing they allegedly have secured.

You vs. Another AI controlled probably is pretty easy to do at the cost of a Raid energy point or something; agreed with the earlier comment there should be a way to refuse it (and some sort of block function as well to try to prevent the spam abuse that will assuredly occur) but it would spice some things up and make it a bit more entertaining… it’s on the same path as the feature lots of people have requested of duels within an alliance anyway.

You vs Me though both real time playing, while this could be flatly awesome it would be a massive undertaking and I think from a game design standpoint if they tried doing that before version 3.0 or something they should probably be shot… that’s a big time and money investment when there are core things that need addressing.