Player benched list

Nope, all at 3/70
(Except 4* and 3*; they’re maxed)

Bolded ones are benched permanently

Not bolded means they have very niche use (ie used in very specific situations like certain omitted special rule tourneys)

Basically, which ones are obsolete in my roster, and which ones are veering that way

Edit: Forgot to add, I tend to favor 4* more with all heroes at 70, and that’s why most of my lesser 5* are benched.

Example would be Colen out-beating Azlar, and Sumle out-beating both. Woolerton beating Vivica out, and BT taking over for Ares. GM for Natalya. Two Athena’s and two Grimm’s instead of Isarnia. Wu for Ranvir. Etc etc


I’m not saying they’re bad heroes by any means, I actually enjoy quite a few of em, just not good enough for daily, regular use [in my roster] anymore

(That’s why I said for me personally)

But I have 170 level 70 heroes, so only the best get used regularly nowadays

Once my usage gets narrowed by taking some 5* to 4/70, that may change, as I’m limited by heroes and mats then. But as of now, with the current meta, I only have use for strong mono, titan killers or versatile SS.

Edit: Most of what you’ve mentioned is niche use. I don’t dispute these heroes have their specific usages; I’ve actually played with most of em, for years now, to list each one. But what I’m saying is: they’re not near versatile enough, or useful enough in today’s meta, to be chosen over the preferred few (ie to stand out above the rest given other, better, choices).

  • There’s some in that list I don’t have, so can’t speak to it personally (and will admit I could be wrong on those, as again, I don’t own em), but can anticipate they’d land in there somewhere, too [if I were to pull em]. I’d still try em out to find their place, and then they’d just go back to gathering dust in the background til one very specific tourney rule rolls around, with a very specific color omitted, and they’d get used for a week and get put back away for months… lol :sweat_smile:

Lol off topic, but here are my mainstays:


  • Gravemaker
  • Zimkitha (x3)
  • Grazul
  • Tyr
  • Anzogh (x2)
  • Mitsuko (x2)
  • Ariel
  • Vela
  • Frida (x4)
  • Athena (x2)
  • Master Lepus (x2)
  • Magni (x2)
  • Misandra
  • Telluria
  • Alberich
  • Evelyn (x3)
  • Kingston
  • Lianna
  • Lady Locke
  • The Hatter
  • Tarlak
  • Mother North
  • Zeline (x2)
  • Drake Fong (x2)
  • White Rabbit
  • Malosi (x2)
  • Onatel (x2)
  • Joon (x2)
  • Hel (x3)
  • Panther
  • Seshat (x2)
  • Ursena
  • Kunchen (x2)
  • Sartana
  • Alfrike
  • Clarissa


  • Sumle (x2)
  • Boldtusk (x3)
  • C. Boldtusk (also x3)
  • Guardian Falcon (x2)
  • Scarlett (x2)
  • Wilbur
  • Colen
  • Sonya (x2)
  • C. Sonya (x2)
  • Grimm (x2)
  • Triton (x3)
  • Kiril (x3)
  • C. Kiril (x3)
  • Almur
  • Melendor (x2)
  • C. Melendor (x2)
  • Hansel (x2)
  • Peters
  • Buddy
  • Little John
  • Caedmon (x2)
  • C. Caedmon (x2)
  • Brynhild
  • Mist (x3)
  • Guardian Jackal (x2)
  • Wu Kong
  • Lady Woolerton
  • Gullinbursti (x2)
  • Chao (barely tho lol almost made the list and prob should have)
  • Gretel (x2)
  • Proteus (x2)
  • Rigard (x2)
  • C. Rigard (x2)
  • Sabina
  • Gafar
  • Fura
  • Tiburtus (x2)
  • C. Tiburtus (x2)


All the ones not listed get used for tourneys, quests and events regularly

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Do remember, I said for me personally

I know these heroes usages well, as I’ve been playing with almost all for over two years now lol, but

  • Khagan, Elena and Azlar get beaten out by Sumle and Colen, that don’t take any 4* mats
  • QoH gets beaten out by BK, but since I don’t have him… I still don’t use her lol; maybe if you have very specific minion heroes to pair her with… but I don’t (except Inari, Drake and MN, and that was fun for awhile, but old news as there’s not enough firepower there to be consistent). Aside from those few instances, her effects just aren’t useful enough, as her attack sucks lol and her minions aren’t near as beefy as needed. But she is fun, tho
  • Ares I’d maybe like better if he were maxed (as on another account, I do have him maxed and use him there), but with my current roster… no. Tho, he’s useful for crit on titans, and that’s why he’s not bolded, as he has some use. Just not for me
  • JF would be most useful in a buff booster omitting ice but then his ice shield is a non-starter. I’d say he’s actually better for bloody battle… but then, I’ve got GM for that anyway
  • Isarnia is useful, but yes, only in VF tourneys where Red and Blue are both allowed tho. Why she’s not bolded
  • Another pairing with other rare heroes that I don’t have lol so no; I’d rather bring a pure damage dealer instead (like Lepus)
  • Luckily I have all of those heroes, but Joon pairs better in that trio than Musashi, as Jackal will inevitably be in there too. His high attack stat is nice, tho Inari’s is better, and that’s why neither are bolded
  • Mok-Arr’s downfall has little to do with his mono capabilities (which I’ll grant him, are nice when paired with Khiona and Wilbur) and more to do with his inability to damage dark heroes. Making Quintus a better fit for VF, and Fura elsewhere [for me]
  • Kestrel I don’t have so can’t actually speak to it, but assuming if I did, chances are I’d maybe pair him with Falcon and Gormek… but more likely I’ll stick with AoE, as that gets the job done better. & For faster mana, I’d rather use Tyr or GM
  • Santa is another I don’t own, but being slow, it’d only be for VF tourneys with both Red and Green allowed, so niche
  • Don’t have Raff either, but being slow, he’d be right there with Viv as a healer only used in Rush Tourneys with Blue and Green allowed
  • Another I don’t have lol but he might see use against blue titans if I were to max him, but with him being an average sniper, and with green being one of my best colors, I doubt I ever would
  • Lancelot now gets passed over for Scarlett at every turn; better attack stat, faster speed, hits more, lowers attack and doesn’t provide a buff that’s unneeded with BT around
  • Jott isn’t useful in VF tourneys; at least, not from my past experience. Although, idk if we’ve encountered a VF green omitted tourney, so I could be wrong, as then I’d at least place him on D. Offensively tho, not unless both Blue and Red were allowed, it was VF 4* tourney, then he might come out. But again… niche
  • C. Skittleskull I’ve used for VF tourneys in the past, but ultimately, Little John is better (imo) and I don’t remember a tourney with red omitted, 4* variety of VF, but assuming they had one, then she may be used offensively. But another niche one, at best
  • Li Xiu gets beaten out by Hu Tao [in that regard], and again, that’s a niche situation defensively. Offensively, she has no use [to me] anymore
  • Cheshire is moderately more valuable for the extra 10% down, but Tibs gives you two more turns instead, so that’s potentially debatable; I choose the latter, since Tibs also has a costume bonus (therefore, better attack stat)
  • I use Jahangir for VF tourneys with omitted ice mostly. Another niche situation, where even there, I prefer Sudri
  • Vodnik is fine, but not as reliable as Gato, and not as good of an effect as Valen, and then there’s C. Karil, Ulmer, C. Gunnar, Chick Jr and Nordri to choose from, too. So more a matter of being the worst of the choices
  • I never said C. Friar Tuck, only the original…
  • I also never said C. Isshtak, only the original

So yeah, that about covers it lol :sweat_smile:

Horghall (3/37)
Azlar (2/20)
Chameleon (1/1) I don’t understand the sense of this hero
Vivica (4/80 +8) Too much healers are better for me C. Rigard, C. Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril and she’s too slow
Anzogh (4/80) I use him just sometimes in a mono

Little John (4/70) He dies too easily
Skittleskull (4/70 +20) Useless for me, I use him sometimes just because I need more nature
Boril (4/70) I prefer to use other heroes I have

I completely agree with you here. My analysis based on how I use Lady Loki is that while they have key differences they are just as powerful as each other, and Lady Loki is very powerful. You do need a cleanser or ideally Grazul to pair him up with, but then again I do the same with Lady Loki and I find a strategic hero like that tends to need a support heavy team around them. I think any GTV-ish team is a good target for Myztero.

Speed: Myztero has a huge advantage here with Lady Loki being average

Cleanse: Lady Loki has a huge advantage here as she cleanses as part of her special, helping her and the team’s survivability

Number of ailments sent back: Lady Loki sends back any ailments that affect the team, but on a 1:1 basis. Myztero sends back any ailments that affect him, but all enemies get those. So I’d say this is more or less a tie as situationally they will throw back fewer or greater ailments than each other

Special hit strength: Lady Loki’s hit gets stronger the more ailments you send back, and situationally this is of benefit as you can sometimes kill off weak enemies. But the main benefit is the dots and ailments so I’d give Lady Loki a slim advantage here

Special skill duration: myzterio has a big advantage here as all ailments have full duration. With lady loki it is dependent on how long she holds each ailment

Stats: Lady Loki has better defensive stats so I would give her the edge here as these heroes need to survive

Class: Both classes are good (fighter vs rogue), but will Myztero memorise a special that he dodges? I think so, which gives him the edge here

Good lord…

And people wonder why I feel irrelevant around here.

The only heroes I have semi-permanently benched for now are Grimble and Skittles. Horghall would probably be benched as well if I had him.

Hu Tao is temporarily benched, but will eventually get some orbs once I run out of other yellow options.

Seeing that so many of my already maxed heroes are on other players’ permanently benched lists makes me feel even worse about my progress in this game and role on this forum… :worried:

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Don’t worry, you are not alone. My “after” photo feels like the “before” photo of some of these guys.

I am only counting the heroes I have maxed and then benched:

  • Justice (5* rush tournies only)
  • Azlar (sometimes makes it out for second war team, trials. Will get permanently decommed soon unless I get a whole bunch of berserker emblems coming my way)
  • Scarlett (decomissioned)
  • Sartana (had only been coming out for trials, but am thinking of bringing her back into a war team)
  • Leonidas (trials)
  • Ameonna (trials)
  • Sir Lancelot (trials)
  • Kelile (trials)
  • Cademon (trials)
  • Kashrek (decomissioned)
  • Boril (trials)
  • Cyprian (trials)
  • Sabina (decomissioned)
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Wow wasnt expecting such huge lists and insightful discussion. My roster looks like a grain of sand in the desert in comparison lol… ile try start compiling some of this info shortly… :slight_smile:

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LOL sad thing for me is… I’m looking at several of the heroes listed on peoples’ “benched” lists and thinking “ooh, I’d like to have one of those…”

Am I stupid, or just that desperate?

You wrote “permanently benched” so I took that as you never use them anymore lol. 170 heroes at lvl 70 is impressive!

I was writing for me personally as well as I stated above. Although I don’t have some of the heroes mentioned as well.

I do apologize then, as I took you saying “for me personally” as part of what I said lol. But as you quoted my entry with your thoughts, hope you can understand why the confusion on my part took place lol. Thought you were questioning my choices on it, when it’s all clearly subjective based on the already existing rosters we have (so yeah, that’s why the rebuttal)

And yeah, permanently benched as in that they either don’t see use at all, or they see use one week out of several (as tourneys are it, got plenty for ToL and other quests); bolded to tell the difference between the two. I don’t consider very niche situations as being used, since those are few and far between [for me], but I also understand I’m in a luxurious situation [in that sense] as I have enough heroes to afford that.

As I know me having 170 heroes at 70 is why half of them are permanently benched in the first place.

Two Vivicas, two Magnis, Zocc, three Bai Yeongs (maybe I will max one when I finish Norns), second Noor, Horghall, Elkanen, Azlar, JF, Isarnia, Obakan.

4* - all from S2 who are not Wilbur, Proteus and Triton, also from S1 Kelile, Colen, Sabina, Boril, Chao, Kashrek

My heroes aren’t at 80
So that’s why a lot of them are benched
(People seem to forget this, but when you have to choose from 3/70 5* heroes vs 4/70 4*, 9/10 you choose the latter)

And just because they’re benched, doesn’t mean they’re bad heroes, dismissed as being useless or not valuable (although, some… are). I just have a lot lol so only the best get used regularly anymore. I’m too burnt out on the game to be using niche heroes for niche situations anymore; I just use what I know I need, and what I know is best for the job, and that’s it. They all saw use at one time or another, as I liked finding uses for each one, but that hobby has been long over for awhile now lol (as I don’t make pulls like I used to)

& That doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other tools out there that accomplish the very same thing (some may be in my benched list), but they’re just a miniscule less valuable [to me] for their lack of extra versatility (but those very heroes, in turn, are more affordable/attainable by everyone, so balances itself out in the end)

I mean, I did also spend a lot of money [at the start], for this roster, too (and I’ve been coasting on it, with only moderate spending [now], for over a year now). And I’ve been playing the game longer than two years, without maxing anyone…

So yeah, while it may seem unfathomable [to all of you] to have that many benched heroes, as far as I know, no one’s ever played the game like me [either]. Til you’ve found someone who has, can’t really compare [in that sense] personally. So yeah… different strokes for different folks I spose

Edit: & I mean no offense. Text can get misconstrued easily. I just took a few of your comments to relate to my own, so I’m responding directly :slightly_smiling_face:
(I still think you’re relevant, btw)


One player’s benched hero is another’s mainstay.

The only maxed 5* hero I have that I don’t regularly use is Horghall. He will make my second tier green mono if I use that in wars.

I rarely use Skittles (Costumed too), Quintus, Colen, LJ, Ameonna, Hu Tao, Kelile. All but Quintus (3-70) are maxed.

I never use Kashhrek, Khagan, Obakan. They are all 3-something.

All my 3*'s get used in class quests and 3* tourneys. They are also the ones I am most picky about keeping (ie more likely to just feed away).

I only have 4 non S1 5*'s.


A nice philosophy. :smiley: Would be a pretty boring game (and forum discussion) if we all played with the same heroes and exact same play style. I swear by 3:2 stacking and others in my alliance prefer full mono- makes for fun banter.

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My Benched are
Quintus x 2 and costume
Kunchen x 2
Sartana x 2
Obakan x 2
Drake Fong
Joon x 2
Bai Yeong
King Arthur
Richard x 2
Raffaele x 4
Zeline x 2
Ratatoskr x 2
Evelyn x 5
Azlar x 2
Tyr x 2
Noor x 2
Marjana x 2
Elana x 2
A VERY few of them MIGHT see a B team mono war fight. (bolded) The vast majority are 1-1

plenty of benched heros mentioned above

i will be listing my maxed benched heros to make tge list short:
misandra (simply other blue snipers take her spot on attack/defense)
2nd magni (rarely any use for him after i got alice)

inari (excels against certain teams but is overall is below average hero with low health minions and average speed)

ranvir (the only hero i regret ascending, Wu Kong gives me better results and miki is much safer to use)

guinevere (healing nearby isn’t as good in today’s meta other than for tanks and there are better options on attack)
ares (similar to guin)

4* & 3*
there are plenty mainly heros without costumes or with weak specials
special mention to Vlad being the worst mexed 3* hero in my roster. i couldn’t use him anywhere effectively XD
at least i use oberon in very fast purple tournaments and he will be getting a costume soon

Benched 5* Heroes

Domitia (might use with costume)
Quintus (might use with costume)

Guardian Owl
Justice (currently 1.1, may use for Rush Attack war/raids)
Bei Yeong (inferior to either Malosi or Joon)

Isarnia (currently 3.70, hard to use over Athena +7)

Atomos (Yunan +20 and Telly are just better)
Horghall (Sucks even with costume)
Kadilen (may use if I get costume)

Ares (4.80, still prefer costume buffed BT)
Khagan (3.70, would be ok in rush, but not getting rings)

Well, for sure, some of these so-called “benched heroes” MAY probably see light with the upcoming Ninja Tower event.


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