#PlayApartTogether 🎨 Fan Art Contest: Finalists for Video Category [Voting Ended]

Video 7



Video 8

by evilgod


Video 9

by BrandNewGuy

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Video 10

by markpessan


Video 11

by Alose

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Please Vote for your Favorite Below:

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  • Video 7
  • Video 8
  • Video 9
  • Video 10
  • Video 11

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Hurray! Finally, it came to videos! I wish all participants good luck and may the best work win! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Why is it possible to see the results before the voting is closed?

Is it intended? It isn’t quite fair

I dont see my video…


Yes, this is very strange. Especially if you consider that two videos with proteins from the same author are put up for voting at once. I know that several works can be submitted from one author, but I’m not sure that a crowd of squirrels is that much better than your video. Apparently, one of the jury members likes squirrels and is afraid of snakes.


I would guess the finalist were judged by time and effort put into each video. You can see that in each Squirrel video.

Every vídeo should have a youtube screen and not a link to the original post. Like that no one will see anything just because


I agree. With this option, it is difficult to choose.

I guess the problem was the copyright stuff - I love your video but I guess you don’t have the cooyrights for the portishead soundtrack :frowning:


By the way, when creating our video, my husband and I did not think about such an aspect as copyright on music. We just thought that it would be cool to use the author’s arrangement of the Russian national Anthem for a commercial for our multinational Alliance. My husband, who is my co-leader in the Alliance, made this arrangement. I especially like his guitar solo. )))

Anthems are Copyright free - and you rearranged so no trouble.
This copyright stuff is annoying but SG can’t take the risk I guess.

7D, you already have everything awesome! Why do you need to win this competition? Relax! Let others get pathetic prizes ))))

Well, I’m there so I guess there are exceptions. :man_shrugging:

This is humor. But it is incorrect to compare the resources of 7D and some Russian Alliance. ))) I understand that my video is cooler, but I understand that it can never win. ))))))))

Surprise me! Who will win! Top Alliance wins ))) 7DD you really will become cooler if with 1K crystals _ALTAIR will call three Oberon. )))))))))))))))

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